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Due to lack of budget and carelessness of businessmen, dozens of plans are stalled

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The Chilangdi-Chappani-Ramdi road, which was agreed upon in October 2073 and should be completed in December 2074, still has 18 percent remaining. The construction of this road, which will shorten the distance of 14 km from Ramdi to Palpa headquarters of Tansen on Siddharth Highway, would save fuel and time. Although the plan was started in 2070, the contract for black paper was signed in 2073.

Due to lack of budget and carelessness of businessmen, dozens of plans are stalled

But the construction business has not been completed on time and due to lack of budget for a few years. YP/Jayaraktakali JV Pulchok Kathmandu has taken the contract on this road and the plan has not been completed and the black paper has been put up .

The road has been damaged by the landslide. "They do black papers, but the work is not completed on time," Lok Bahadur Baral of Bagnaskali-5 said, "They told us that we don't have to walk in the dust anymore, and we are surprised because of the potholes."

The District Technical Office under the then District Development Committee contracted for Otasil under the National Rural Transport Strengthening Program. But the builders have not been able to work on time, so it is still stuck . Local residents said that travel became difficult due to not working on time.

'We had a lot of discussions to get the work done quickly,' Baganaskali-5 Ward President Omprakash Gayre said, 'but sometimes due to lack of budget and sometimes lack of materials, the citizens of this area have to suffer because of the delay in the work.'

Aryabhanjyang- The work on Rampur road from Humin to Purvkhola rural municipality office access road has also been delayed due to the delay of construction workers. It was found that the builders were negligent during the upgrading of the Humin-Purkwakhola road, where 16 km of road is being prepared to be paved. Since sub base and drain construction work is being done on the road, poor materials have been used, so the monitoring team of the district and Lumbini province ministry ordered to demolish and rebuild it to make it quality. After that, construction business CMPR Panth JV has stopped work for eight months.

District Road Infrastructure Development Office and Lumbini Province Physical Infrastructure Development Ministry's monitoring team demolished and inspected the drains constructed at different places from Humin to Purvkhola. In the first phase of the work to be completed by October 2080, construction workers stopped the work due to the fact that construction of drains, laying of sub base, supporting walls, gavions, filling of mesh was being done.

"We were asked to improve some works at that time so that there would be quality work," said Basudev Bhandari, head of the Road Infrastructure Development Office, "but now the businessmen have been tricked and asked to do the work". The work of making ballast by placing crushers has progressed.

After suspecting the construction of drains in some places, it was found that the quantity of ballast, sand and stones was not complete. In some places, the thickness of the drain, even the base of the drain was found to be damp, but it still hasn't worked after it was demolished and rebuilt. The Road Infrastructure Development Office has informed that the constructed drains have been demolished to correct the errors for the builders to rebuild the places where the standards have not been met during the work.

CMPR Panth JV, which got the contract for 17 crore 15 lakh 30 thousand in Baisakh 2078, has made 45 percent material progress so far. With the help of the Lumbini state government, a contract has been made to blacken the road with a width of 5.5 meters. Under the road connecting Sundardhunga to Saljhandi from Rainadevi Chhahara in Palpa, the work of blackening the Jhimzhime-Jaluke section of Baldhengadi has not progressed for four years .

The work of cutting nearly eight and a half kilometers of blackboard has been stalled after the contract for cutting trees in the forest area was signed without permission. Not even 30 percent of the plan to be completed by July 2079 has been completed due to not being able to cut the trees. The chief Bhandari of the Road Infrastructure Development Office said that the black paper work starting from the border of Rupandehi was stopped due to not getting permission to cut trees in Rainadevi Chahra-7 Baldhengadi Jogdamar area. "There is also a problem in paying the builders according to the work they have done," he said.

According to him, despite the decision from the Council of Ministers, the tree has not been cut because the permission has not yet been received from the Forest Department. The road builders who had an agreement on June 26, 2077 have not been able to widen the road . After the forest department did not give permission to cut the trees, the builders did not proceed . A contract has been signed for 295 million 51 million 63 thousand to blacken the road.

According to the Road Infrastructure Development Office, the builders have taken 43.5 million 81 thousand budget payments for the laying of hydraulic pipes, retaining walls, GAVN, road widening. Although the contract was awarded, the preliminary environmental report was not approved. There was a difference in counting the trees, only preliminary environmental testing was done when the environmental impact was to be assessed, and the contract was not approved because the report was not approved. These are just examples of delays in some development plans. The situation of the plan through road division Palpa under the

association is also the same . Chief Baburam Sapkot said that the contract had to be terminated when the builders did not work on some plans. "Some projects could not be carried forward due to lack of budget," he said, "in some cases, there has been a problem due to non-working of construction professionals."

Similarly, the road division said that the payment for the concrete bridge built on the Kaligandaki river could not be paid due to lack of budget. More than 10 contracts under road division have been pending for years . Three roads under the Madi ring road, three under Aryabhanjyang-Rampur, Siddharth highway and the road upgradation work under the constituencies are stalled.

More than 50 projects, including roads, water supply, buildings, concrete bridges, which have been started by the Union and the provinces, have not been completed on time . Citizens have to face problems when some of them do not get enough budget and the work is stalled due to some builders . After going through the tender process, the construction work has not been completed in some places because the builders did not work on time . But in some contracts, there is also a problem that the budget from the federal and state governments is low.

Aryabhanjyang-Tahun-Rampur, Dumre-Kusumkhola, Madi Chakrapath and other roads in Palpa are stuck due to lack of budget and construction professionals. The concrete bridges built on the big rivers including the Kaligandaki river are also stranded . When the deadline for the construction of the concrete bridge of Jamleghat in Purkhola has expired, only 20 percent of the work has been completed. The concrete bridges built in Jhumsa-Charange, Jhumsa-Satyavati etc. have not been completed in time. Dumre-Kusumkhola black sheeting work has been stalled for three years .

Chisyan Center located in Tansen Municipality-7, Baghkhor has not been completed for 10 years . The under-construction concrete bridge over the Riddy River at Siddeshwar, which connects Palpa and Gulmi, has also been stalled for 6 years . The concrete bridge of Tahatim Ghat connecting Palpa's Bhuwanpokhri and Arghakhanchi, which has not been working for 10 years, has not yet been completed.

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