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Palpa's Rambha Rural Municipality decided the center

The building process will be started after the land is transferred to his name
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Palpa's Rambha rural municipality has finalized the center after 6 and a half years. There were applications for centers in 5 places in the municipality which has five wards. The people's representatives elected in 2074 left without finalizing the center. Although the ward presidents of some wards have changed, the elected president Bishnu Prasad Bhandari in 2074 and the vice president Radha Kumari Shrestha were re-elected in 2079.

Palpa's Rambha Rural Municipality decided the center

Village Chairman Bhandari said that even after 6 and a half years have passed since the first election, the federal government designated a center at Khokkhola in Rambha-3, Pipaldanda and built the center near the place where it was operating. The rural municipality could not use the opportunity of changing the center designated by the federal government. He said that since the majority of members could not pass it, he could not move it elsewhere.

The rural municipality called for proposals for the necessary land for a permanent center according to the procedure. According to this, 5 members of the assembly have registered a petition with the demand to build a center in 5 different locations within the rural municipality, informed Chairman Bhandari. "We could not get a majority for the center proposed by the members of the assembly," he said. Assembly member Krishna Bahadur Rayamazhi filed a proposal for Pipaldanda's Mewatari, Assembly member Sur Bahadur Sunari filed a proposal for Pipaldanda's Pipaltari. Assembly member Khumkant Basyal registered for Rambha-5, Bhurluke of Tahun, Assembly member Chet Bahadur Sunari registered for Rambha-2, Lupch Pokhara of Phoksingkot.

6 people voted for Bhurluke, 11 people voted for Mewatari and 12 people voted for Lupch Pokhara, the eastern part of Rimigha near Gate, and it was rejected. Vice President Shrestha said that when the subject of the proposed area was presented for decision in the meeting, three proposals were rejected. For the rest of the summits, 15 people voted yes. In Pipaltari, 15 people raised their voices. But in the village assembly which has 28 members, two thirds of 27 people have to decide.

Chairman Bhandari said that after two-thirds of the votes were not reached anywhere, the federal government has proceeded as per the plan to search for land around 500 of the designated areas. For the first time, the federal government has designated Khokkhola in Rambha Rural Municipality-3, Pipaldanda as the center. After that, if the center wants to be changed, it has been arranged that it can be done by the majority within 6 months and then by two-thirds of the village assembly.

According to the process, the proposed place could not get the necessary votes according to the Local Government Operation Act 2074 and the procedure prepared by the rural municipality, said Thakur Prasad Aryal, the chief administrative officer.

Since two-thirds of the votes could not be obtained, the proposal to move the center was rejected, so it was decided to establish Khokkhola as the center, he said. The construction of the administrative building of the municipality has been delayed due to the non-finalization of the permanent center. There has also been a problem in service delivery. Chairman Bhandari said that once the center is finalized, the construction work will be accelerated.

7 ropani 1 anna land south of Pipaldanda health post near Khokkhola has been given by four donors. The municipality has allocated a budget of 5 million this year for building construction. 20 million has been requested from the federal government for the next year.

After passing the land in the name of the Nepal government, a multi-year contract will be signed, he said. He said that after the surveyor has done the measurements and the land is in the name of the municipality, they will proceed with the preparation of the DPR. This year, the work of fixing fences, making fences, making DPR etc. will go ahead.

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