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7 pm: Today's 7 news


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Today is February 19, 2080. Till 7:00 PM, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, while addressing the meeting of the Lumbini Provincial Assembly, said that Nepal's peace process is of a fundamental nature for the world, to the demand of the Congress to investigate the death of 14-year-old student Salin Pokharel in the hostel of the boarding school run in Chitwan Ratnanagar.

7 pm: Today's 7 news

From the film review that 'The Unbreakable Agastya-Chapter One' failed to break the record, Nepal reached the final of the Twenty20 International Triangular Cricket Series by defeating the Netherlands by 6 wickets at the Trivi Cricket Ground. Here are the main 7 news until 7 pm on Saturday:

1. Nepal's peace process is a model for the world: Prime Minister Dahal

Addressing the winter session of Lumbini Provincial Assembly at Deukhuri in Dang on Saturday, Prime Minister Dahal said that Nepal's peace process is of a fundamental nature for the world.

2. I will stop investigating the assets from the ward president to the prime minister: Minister Gurung

Minister Gurung said that to maintain good governance and economic transparency in the country, he will stop investigating the assets from the ward president to the ministers and the prime minister.

3. The country is in danger of becoming an old age home: Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha

by working in the field of social justice, the people must work in such a way that they feel it, he said that there is a danger of the country becoming an old age home as the trend of young people going abroad and migrating there is increasing. He also said that he is not happy that the remittance has arrived.

4. Stole on one's land, another's house

On October 078, when she arrived, she saw that the detached DPC of her Ghaderi was being demolished with a dozer. She asked him not to wear a dozer on his watch. Tika Kumari Chiring, who was nearby, said that the land was named after her mother Rukmaya Sunar and that she was preparing to build a house there.

5. Nepal beat the Netherlands by 6 wickets in the final

Captain Rohit Kumar Paudel and Gulshan Jha's excellent partnership defeated the Netherlands by 6 wickets at the Trivi Cricket Ground on Saturday and Nepal set the path to the final.

6. Congress demands an investigation into the Chitwan incident, noting that a girl who was studying in a

school was found hanging dead and that there is a suspicion of suicide or murder behind it is very serious. Has demanded from the government .

7. 'The Unbreakable Agastya -Chapter One' could not break the record

'Agastya' trying to introduce a new flavor among the continuous comedy, social theme films is a positive step . However, a weak screenplay does not bring the audience close to that taste .

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