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National Women's Madal Vadan Competition will be held


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There will be a national level Madal Wadan competition. The competition is going to be held on Thursday (May 27) at National Dance Hall Jamal, organized by Karnali Artist Academy and co-organized by Nepal Music and Drama Academy.

National Women's Madal Vadan Competition will be held

The organizers claim that such a competition is going to be held for the first time in the country. She gave the information through a Saturday press conference to be held on this 27 Baisakh at the Cultural Institute National Dance Hall Jamal.

Tika Pun, program coordinator and folk singer, said that this competition was organized with the aim that women can earn a living in this field, saying that women are lagging behind in playing musical instruments in the country so far. He is also a member of the Council of Nepal Music and Drama Academy. The program is going to be held with the original slogan of 'Women's Art, Women's Dignity'. The deadline for team registration to participate in the competition was last Tuesday (until May 25). Accordingly, teams from different places of the country have been registered. Co-ordinator Pun informed that food and lodging arrangements have also been arranged for contestants coming from outside Kathmandu to participate.

In the competition, the winner will receive 55 thousand rupees, the runner-up will receive 35 thousand rupees, the third runner-up will receive a prize of 25 thousand rupees and the fourth runner-up will receive 15 thousand rupees. So far 42 people have registered to participate in the competition. In the

women's Madal Vadan, contestants have to give their performance in at least 5 minutes or at most 7 minutes, playing at least two rhythms in the original tune or song. According to the organizer, up to three friends can be involved in playing or singing the song or tune and can also sing and play by themselves.

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