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In Karnali, 71 percent of the population is out of reach of insurance

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It has been found that access to health insurance is very low in Karnali province. Although health insurance has been implemented for 8 years, 71 percent of the population here is out of reach of health insurance. During this period, only 29.26 percent of the population has joined insurance.

In Karnali, 71 percent of the population is out of reach of insurance

Karnali Province Coordinator of the Insurance Board, Srijan Paudel said that as much population as expected has not reached health insurance. According to him, the population of Karnali is 15 lakh 67 thousand 664 and only 29.26 i.e. 4 lakh 58 thousand 821 people have joined insurance. He said that there is still a big challenge to include 71 percent in insurance.

In Karnali province, 83 percent of the total are covered by insurance. Out of 1 lakh 8 thousand 921 population, 90 thousand 411 people are covered by insurance. The least are in Salyan. Out of 241 thousand 716 population, 6 percent i.e. 14 thousand 650 people have insurance.

In Surkhet, which is also the provincial capital, 25.78 percent have taken insurance. In Surkhet, which has a population of 417,776, 177,766 people have insurance, Paudel, the provincial coordinator of the insurance board, said.

Similarly, 80 thousand 527 i.e. 52.19 percent of 154 thousand 272 population in Rukum West have insurance. Similarly, 49 thousand 942 i.e. 29.15 percent of the population of 1 lakh 71 thousand 304 in Jajarkot, 53 thousand 8 hundred 19 i.e. 39.29 percent of the 1 lakh 36 thousand 948 population of Calikot have joined health insurance.

Similarly, 33 thousand 236 i.e. 12.74 percent of Dailekh's 260 thousand 855 population, 7 thousand 815 i.e. 14.13 percent of Mugu's 55 thousand 286 population, 4 It is mentioned in the data of Karnali Province Office of the Insurance Board that only 15 thousand 861 i.e. 31.18 percent of the 50 thousand 858 population of Humla have health insurance. Paudel, the state coordinator of the

board, believes that the state government has made a plan to include the employees in the insurance, and that it will take three months to get the service, but now it will be reduced to two months.

Provincial Health Insurance Committee Coordinator and Secretary of the Ministry of Social Development, Dirgh Bahadur Pokhrel, has promised that the provincial government will conduct an insurance literacy program to increase access to everyone in the future, as the insurance literacy program is necessary.

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