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Is the Nepali language dying? Maybe!

The language in which families and the wider society communicate, reason and debate, express their feelings by writing songs, poems and stories and even dream, there are hardly any other races in the world except the Nepalese who neglect and devalue that language so much.
Every learned grammarian has his own theory and stand, his own dhipi and rattan, which is the victim of the poor Nepali language.
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That's unfair

Is the Nepali language dying? Maybe!

You're Hurting Me

You're a liar. A cheat

My head hurts

I'm fed up. I'm on board

It's hot, I can't handle it

That guy is funny. Lounge

These are the expressions of the English language, which took me at least twenty years to express in the right sense and in the right place - since I learned A, B, C, D in school.

However, these expressions are just a few examples of conversations between my eight-year-old grandson and my five-year-old granddaughter. Grandson Keto is a student of class two while granddaughter goes to KG class, not even one class. They communicate not only among themselves, but also with the children of their age and age that they meet in English as much as possible.

The generation that I represent, in that generation, there were few schools, even fewer went to school, and which bird is called pre-school or play-group? No one knew that. Today, children with clumsy walking and speech impediments attend play-groups or pre-school and nursery classes, where they learn A, B, C of English before learning A, B, C.

Perhaps the teachers who taught us lacked the ability and power, so that they used to memorize the students. Ghokante Vidya was in our time. Our learning of the English language started with the rhymes C A T Cat and R A T Rat.

Look at that, today's children are talking in English without even taking a formal class. They learn English as a first language since preschool. That's why their pronunciation is not to be mistaken and their body expressions are also according to the call. It seems that they also understand the concept of language. What is 'fair' and 'unfair'? What do the students of our generation know about the concept? What is 'bored'? We only learned to say ``headache'' (some people also called ``headache'') when we had a headache. No one had ever taught 'My Head Hurts' like this. We only understood 'hot' as hot. Today's kids understand that 'hot' means hot when it comes to food. They are referring to humans as 'cow'. We only knew that cow is a four-legged animal that gives milk.

Young children don't just learn English at school. Children's parents encourage them to speak English at home. Every educated urban middle class young parent wants their children to be proficient in English. That is why they are giving orders to small children like 'no no', 'come', 'go', 'sit down' and encouraging them by saying 'well done'. "Baby" they say to their little son or daughter - who is the grandfather, who is the father! Restaurants, public gardens, parks, cinemas, shops and shopping malls can be seen everywhere. Perhaps they feel proud to show their children that they understand English, and that they even respond in English.

Learning/teaching an international language with a wide influence like English is not bad at all. Why only English, it's better to learn any international language, but not at the expense of the language you speak at home. Now there is a lot of emphasis on learning English, compared to the Nepali language that they speak daily at home and in their lives.

What has happened as a result of this is that earlier school children used to study mathematics, now they study Nepali subjects at home. The parents who make them take tuition in Nepali are not fluent in their own Nepali either. Speaking is fine, but as written Nepali comes forward, they get confused and show ignorance.

In fact, the casual use of English in the speech of Nepalis has increased to such an extent that the listener may think that English is being spoken. You don't have to look hard to find an example of that in any FM. It is enough to hear the language spoken on the radio. With modern communication technologies like mobile phones and the Internet, everyone, whether literate or illiterate, easily mixes English words in conversation. Anyone who uses a mobile phone cannot live without saying Net, WiFi, Tower, Miscall, Ringtone, Delete, Save, Memory, Sound, Dialtone, Recharge, Viber, What's app.

Educated and studies are different. It has become their habit to pronounce English words in conversation. The more English words you can use, the more knowledgeable and learned you are. Those who can't use English words in that way are afraid of being considered ignorant and ignorant.

People are resorting to English words to convey their knowledge. In order to emphasize his words more, he says 'You know what I mean' by speaking in English. We have no shortage of scholars who say 'my Nepali is not that good'. So they are trying to say that my English is terrible or that I am proficient in English.

In the language in which they talk, discuss, reason and debate in their homes and in the wider society, they express their feelings by writing songs, poems or stories.

How important role language plays in people's lives is proven by the birth of a nation called Bangladesh. Due to religion, the country that became East Pakistan after being separated from former India (first East Bengal and later) finally separated through Bangladesh after fighting with West Pakistan. One of the main reasons was language. Compared to West Pakistan, which emphasizes Urdu language, the residents of East Pakistan chose the path of creating their own distinct identity in Bengali language.

According to the current constitution, the Nepali language is now not in the place of the national language, which it used to be. No matter what adjective is given as national language or national language, the glory of Nepali language does not decrease and its practical importance does not decrease. It has been recognized as the official working language and although statistics show that it is the mother tongue of less than fifty percent of people in the country, the number of people who use it as their first language is much higher. There is hardly a place where the Nepali language is not understood and spoken at all, within the borders of today's Nepal.

Nepali society is characterized as a multilingual society with 123 languages ​​spoken. The current constitution has divided the Nepali people into separate categories of Khas-Arya, tribal, Dalit, Madheshi and residents of the Far West on the basis of race, geography and caste. The Constitution of the United States of America is believed to have started with the sentence 'V, The People of America'. However, due to the constitution, instead of saying 'V, The People of Nepal', Nepalis have to say 'We are Khas-Arya Nepali', 'We are tribe Nepali', 'We are Dalit Nepali', 'We are Madhesi Nepali'. The last time that the Nepali society was legally divided into sections was during the time of Jung Bahadur Rana. Thus, if there is any formula that binds the divided Nepali society and the people together in one place and will remain in the future, it is the Nepali language. No matter what category they belong to, the Nepali language will be the basis for identifying them as Nepali.

However, in this way, the effort and efforts that should be made to identify the whole Nepali nation, to keep the Nepali identity in one thread, to care for the Nepali language, to make it good, and to bring it to a prosperous and advanced position have not been done. Instead, it has been ignored, disregarded and ignored.

First of all, what is the standard Nepali language? That has not been determined. If that has not happened, then the construction of standard Nepali grammar is in a poor condition. It is not because we lack learned linguists and grammarians. However, this situation has been created due to the lack of consensus among scholars on language. Every learned grammarian has his own theory and stand, his own dhipi and rattan, which is the victim of the poor Nepali language. Some say Talvya 'S' is correct, some say Dantya 'S' is correct. Some say words or verses should be added, some say they should be broken. Some show one pattern of compound words, some another pattern. Some insist on one spelling and others on another. It only confuses the language and confuses the user, not the right path.

If you look at the state of the Nepali language now, it seems that it has become a game where you can come and play kabaddi, dandibio, football, volleyball, cricket, wrestling, boxing, whatever you want. Dance like dance. There is no body to act as a guide, advisor, regulator.

Someone's wrongly used word or vocabulary is thought to be interesting or correct due to ignorance and is disseminated through all three types of public communication media without understanding the meaning and context, and such a mistake becomes widespread. Following the media, the public notices that. There is a saying that even a lie becomes true if repeated a hundred times. That is what is happening to us now. The work of maiming and distorting the language is being done unknowingly. Someone with a cutting edge knowledge of the language will fly a flower and the others will follow. It may not be grammatical, it may be contrary to etiquette, nobody cares.

There does not seem to be any regulatory body to point out such wrong practices and use and warn about it. During their time, the Nepali Bhasha Prakashini Samiti and the Nepali Language Translation Council did not even become organizations that did as much as they did, which should be considered unfortunate.

After the anti-halant campaign and the jharroist campaign to protect the Nepali language from following the Sanskritic and Hindi-oriented path in the mid-1950s, another strong campaign for language reform and development did not appear. A serious effort has not yet been made to develop the Nepali language as a powerful and powerful means of advancing knowledge, philosophy, science, and literature to the highest levels of knowledge, philosophy, science, and literature. Even if we take the example of

Hindi language, they started the practice of giving punctuation marks full stop or full stop in the style of Ekta English language. That practice did not become universal, although some national institutes continue to use the period as a punctuation mark in their publications. They consider AD Samvat as official and use it in daily practice. And in the case of numerals, Devanagari does not embrace the numerals but embraces the numerals written in English in written form. It is their attempt to make that language practical. Apart from that, he completed that task by forming a Central Commission in the 1960s itself to bring all the technical and terminological words of the English language into Hindi. They have a Central Hindi Directorate, under which there is a Standard Hindi Committee. His job is to develop and promote the Hindi language nationally. As everyone knows, many provinces of India have been established on the basis of language and 22 of them are scheduled languages ​​in the constitution. They are said to have 700 languages. Despite this, they continue to use Hindi in the hope of displacing English from the place of All-India contact language and establishing Hindi in that place.

Everyone remembers that India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a speech in Nepal's Parliament in Hindi and his speech received thunderous applause from the Nepali parliamentarians. We did not feel the need to translate his speech into Nepali by having a Nepali language interpreter in Parliament. This shows the increasing expansion and influence of the Hindi language. Nowadays, they have started talking about studying medicine through Hindi language. Time will tell how successful they will be in this. However, the Hindi speakers have become ambitious to that extent, that is a matter of importance.

If you look a little further than India, you can see in Thailand, the emphasis, grip and concentrated dedication of the residents to their language. Thailand, which occupies an important place in the world's tourist map, has the capacity to bring in hundreds of millions of foreign tourists annually. Statistics show that 40 million tourists visited Thailand before the Covid pandemic. If it were Nepal's way, there would have been plenty of English language signboards in the cities-markets and streets. However, there are very few signboards and other notices written in English. English signboards and English signboards are rarely found in addition to some other organizations. No matter how much a reader is not read, Thaiys do not speak to each other in English. They may be working in the international bodies, the tourism commercial may have been in the business, the author, author, or stabbing journal. In fact, they think of one of the following Thaih with another Thai. & Nbsp.

Balcan is usually appropriate to tell my experiences in Slovenia in Slovenia. & NBSP;

Savik Federal Communist Nation Yugoshukoa is a country with twelm-million chrench populations - Slovenia. I was reached to Parten Festival held in Libyan, the capital of that country I am once. There is not the same problem to get Thailand with people there in English. I found the 'all-titual over "the film' Voice" in Slovenian in Slovenian in Slovenian language to explain what the illustrated in the medical films displayed there. If the film's original language was not English, they would have to do the district. Because the French, spanish, or a film of German language, did not know. The surrender of 'all titles' or 'Voice over' said it was in Slovenian language. So I asked the organizers of the Festival 'who was abundant English to the Slovenite and a hurricane'. He replied, according to the government rule, it had to be done to use Slovenian language as per the government rules. It is an example of a small country made for protection of its language. Despite the governmental rules, the same practice of European language is seen in practice - the film 'all titl' or dubting or nbsp in one's own national language. & Nbsp; STOY-BREAK Korea, Bringing China, Japan. All of them representing all the outside movies easily underestimates, dubting, or opining, that is, the misery story transforming the film style in his own own language. Do not entertain that 'English,' he said in English speaking in his language from the help of the interpretation. Storms as a record of west Europe and Scandanavian country caused by a recorded of the West Europe and Scandanavian country due to the written Latin script. But, they are studying newspapers and books in their own country. Another good book arranged by another language transfigures. If there is a foreigner about his country, even any way it takes place in your language. Then the store of language increases and language is growing up. But, he should be sorry for we never turned away. The history of our country was the English that would write at first - Corcatrick, Daniel Right, Hammilton's tendency. Are it translated into Nepali writing history books written? & NBSP;

language is like a flower seedlings. We need to glormented and shaking it. Otherwise wild weeds also watches the language, just as you have eaten seedlings. In addition, it is also pusking from the two unfavorable in Nepali language. & NBSP;

is the first to show that the violates of the violates of racial and linguistic identification. That is that not the case, nor of Nepalis likes Nepalis. It is natural for your mother tongue and the love. It is equally natural to take his up-in. However, we do not need to pull the foot of others to move forward. Yes, the origin of the Nepali language is considered a post-language. But, in time, it is also known as the mountains, sack language. So it is like calling from the name when Dolling is larged to call it a pit language, it is not a reasonable. Again, many languages ​​are contributed to a number of languages ​​in a river, like a river, as a waters of Anecne Khananaa. Where is this and purely decaded? After that, Hindi said that he did not live, "sheath. After all, Hindi developed is. & NBSP;

So therefore more than the falls, it is not my way of disobedience because it is not my own language. I am Nepali, and Nepali language does not lead to disobedience and lack of duty on her care. & Nbsp; The

is pushed, which has been taken away from the constitution by handing over the supervision and claim to be their mother tongue is Nepali. In no longer, they would pay Sanskrit. & NBSP; Bhishavhavhad to translate the spiritual in Nepali from Sanskrit. This community seems to be proud to be maternal language to be masthuous language, seems to come with the knowledge of the Nepali language by his mother's belly. They do not think they should not keep on being dilied on the pursuit of its subsistence or more. & Nbsp;

are impressed by the feeling that it has to do so much because of her own commerce. To where, even if they say that they will not be held in a vigyman's own. They say that they think that those fistens are used to use Nepali and become greatly relative. Suppose a landlord makes teas in his corner and let them stay. & Nbsp;

is in good language no caste, religion or denomination. This is what it used to do. This Bacida has no temptation. This is just the product of narrow minds, it does not help us in the development of Nepali language. & Nbsp;

is laid off the whole of the learners's entire language in English language, open the name of the language, on the other hand, is an untouchable of the language of the language. The treasures with a planning squads are also depressed. This will make it scientific and sophisticated to increase the words of Nepali language, knowledge, science, philosophy, and the connected to build high literacy, and that it is connected to build high literature. The condition of the Nepali language is like a child 'ink,' of the road, growing proper dislice, courtesy, civilizing, civilized behavior and nbsp;

is not far from being limited to depression and obviousness while only Nepali language is not limited. Many languages ​​are extinct from the world and are in the process of extinction. Despite the big population, there are many things that are inaccurate language. They do not have a storehouse of high literature, not to be the status of high knowledge, philosophy; Seeing Story-Brek, some scholars are beginning to worry about it in about fifty years. & nbsp;

to listen to this statement. But if I ask me that no one asks me for the Nepali language of whatsoever dies, it will: Yes, it may die and nbsp; & nbsp;

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