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A conflicted family awaits justice

For 23 years, the pain of the conflict was the same, neither the state nor the Maoists saw it. The 'so-called lower caste', living displaced in the same, further misery
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It has been 23 years since he was displaced from Ghartigaon in Rolpa due to the then Maoist armed conflict. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has issued an identity card to Ransingh Damai as a victim of serious human rights violations. It is mentioned in the letter - 'There has been a serious violation of human rights and property has been looted and damaged.'

A conflicted family awaits justice

Apart from that, he has not received any support from the state. The 'so-called lower caste', which the society calls, is no less painful for his family to be displaced and live in the headquarters of Libang. Ransingh raised two sons and two daughters along with the couple in Libang with great difficulty.

After the peace agreement, most of them felt that the impact of the armed conflict was reduced . But his heart is burning more. He says, "even after the peace agreement, justice was not done to me". After the peace process, many took relief. Many Maoist leaders themselves also received compensation from the state. The state itself helped to rebuild the destroyed houses of some. Neither the government saw it, nor did the Maoists see it . I became more victim.'

Ransingh's heart burns when he remembers the past. He remembers, "Maoist activists seized all the goods from the shop in the house in Ghartigaon to support the family and set it on fire in a moment." The family became destitute after the house and shop destroyed by the fire.'

Ransingh had no choice but to be displaced along with his family after the house and shop were burnt down in the grip of the conflict. It has been 23 years since the small children were taken and moved to Libang. Ransingh's wife Tilkumari says that it is very difficult to live in the situation after being displaced. Since coming to Libang just to save life by carrying Lalabala, no help has been received from anyone . Ransingh says that he had to suffer a lot to raise his children who were growing up.

When the armed conflict was at its peak, the militants attacked the local police station in Ghartigaon. That night of February 6, 2056 is not worth forgetting for many. Sri Acharya, the police inspector of Ghartigaon Chowki, who was attacked by the militants, also lost his life . Also, a large number of policemen also died. Banks, food institutes and local administration offices were also attacked. After that incident, a lot of panic spread in the village. Difficult times have come for those who do not obey the Maoist's statement . Ransingh also fell into the same trouble.

A year after the Ghartigaon outpost attack, Ransingh had to be displaced. Ransingh was unable to stay in the village after being accused of not following his policy and not helping. Meanwhile, on February 7, 2057, the Maoists declared a 'raid' and captured his shop.

"During the day, the Maoists took the goods from Ransingh's shop to the forest with a car and set fire to the house at night," says Ransingh. He said that all the documents of the shop and the house were burnt and destroyed. The goods captured by the Maoists were brought by Ransingh from Ghorahi on two occasions with 58 horses.

After the goods brought from the money sold by the herbs were taken away by the Maoists, Ransingh was completely free . His job was to buy herbs from the village and sell them in the market and bring food and groceries from the market and sell them, the Maoists destroyed that order.

Even though Ransingh was displaced, he did not get any relief . The local police office Ghartigaon sent a letter to the district administration office on August 22, 2065 after understanding the reality of the incident. Ghartigaon village of Savis also sent a request on July 10, 2065 for the reconstruction of the house but did not receive the amount of 3 lakhs.

Ransingh claims that Birsingh Ghartimar (Naribal), the area head of the then Maoists who was involved in property looting, had died during the conflict and he informed his brother Amarsingh, who is currently the chairman of Madi Rural Municipality, about it . Even though the police and the then govt have informed about his situation and incident, the state has been silent on the matter of providing relief.

One time, Gavis recommended 3 lakhs and another time 2 lakhs to compensate for the destruction of property during the armed conflict. "If they had given me relief at that time, I could have rebuilt the house."

He says, "But the leader here showed favoritism and did injustice to me." No one has asked in the time of trouble, nor does the government care.'

He concludes that it is very sad to educate children, eat breakfast and take care of the family. "It is not possible to get the children who have reached the age to get married because they have to live on rent all the time. The government and politics built the house and the ghat," he says.

70-year-old Ran Singh along with his 47-year-old wife Tilkumari, 32-year-old daughter Dita, 26-year-old son Sagar, 24-year-old son Naresh and 17-year-old daughter Malti have been living in a small room in Libang. He is of the opinion that it is very difficult to manage after the marriage of his son Sagar.

Even in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, after he applied to get compensation, the Commission issued an identity card on October 19, 2078. The government has invited applications to make a list of conflict victims and the government has not made any decision about compensation, so the compensation has not been received.

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