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Apple will use AI extensively, Musk will ban Apple devices


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Apple, one of the most influential and valuable companies in the world, announced various new user-friendly updates and partnerships during its Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 event that includes extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Apple will use AI extensively, Musk will ban Apple devices

Billionaire businessman Elon Musk has announced that he will ban the use of Apple devices in his company, which continues to have extensive partnerships with OpenAI.

In an event where improvements to its software and new initiatives are usually discussed, in the presence of Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, Apple has announced that it will use 'Apple Intelligence' in its various services and increase AI partnerships .

In the program held on Monday evening at the Apple headquarters in California, company head Tim Cook and others talked about the new version of software for various products of the company. The company has announced to increase various features related to privacy and image generation.

Apple, which has added the use of AI to all its new versions, has announced Apple Intelligence nearly a year and a half after the use of AI became widespread. It is going to include services like OpenAI's ChatGPT so that users can use them with their devices.

This service, which is said to be aimed at improving the experience of Apple users, will be able to get a personalized service as well as create their messages, photos more easily and even change the notification preferences .

'Apple Intelligence will be a personalized AI system built around powerful generative intelligence,' said Craig Federighi, the company's senior vice president, 'It will provide users with helpful and supportive intelligence based on their content.'

Apple has also announced IOS 18 along with this service, which is said to be gradually available in later versions of Apple devices such as iPhone 15. It is expected to be available to users within a few months along with various Apple Intelligence services. Apple's latest operating system, which has been mocked by some tech analysts for adding services similar to Android, has improved services such as customizable home screen, photos, and messaging. It can be seen that the use of AI is being added to various platforms and tools . In this event, which is not considered very interesting for

hardware, Apple also announced the new iPad Pro with Apple M-4 chip and two different sizes of iPad Air . Similarly, Apple's digital assistant Siri has been improved with generative AI features and the company has announced that it will add AI options to its Apple TV, Safari, Maps and other platforms and make it user-friendly . Along with

, the latest and AI-infused updates such as Vision OS 2 for the company's Vision Pro, OS 18 for iPad, OS 11 for Watch and macOS Sakia for MacBook have also been announced in the program.

It is said that Apple officials have mentioned about AI topics about 5 dozen times during their presentations. The company has also arranged additional control features related to passwords and access for the privacy of users .

The company claims that they work with privacy concerns for users in all their services and devices. The company announced that it will add an even easier way to reply via AirPods, more emoji and creativity options, improve and expand Apple Pay to schedule messages, view vital health signs through the Watch, and include RCS (Rich Communication Services) on iPhones.

Musk, who has published many reactions about the Apple event, has announced that if Apple has a wide partnership with OpenAI, he will ban the use of Apple devices in his company . Noting that Apple's aggressive efforts in AI were an 'unacceptable security lapse', Musk admitted that Apple 'didn't know what was going on'. With that program, the news has mentioned that Apple's share price has declined.

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