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Construction of 'Audit Tunnel' of Chainpur Seti Hydropower started


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The construction of the audit tunnel leading to the main tunnel route of the Chainpur Seti hydropower project, which is seen as a game changer project in the Far West Province, has started. Out of the three audit tunnels that will be built to go to the main tunnel of this 210 megawatt capacity project to be built by the Nepal Electricity Authority, one will be in Rumali Gad and 2 in Busti.

Construction of 'Audit Tunnel' of Chainpur Seti Hydropower started

Now the construction work of two tunnels of Rumali Gad and Busti has started simultaneously. Bajhang Chief District Officer Vishwamitra Kuikel has inaugurated the tunnel construction.

Out of the three, the construction of another tunnel near the settlement of Bastigaon has been delayed due to disputes between locals demanding irrigation and employment. Project chief Anil Bhakta Shrestha said that the demands of the locals are being addressed and the work of all the three tunnels can be started within a week.

"From next week, Busty's tunnel will also start working . "We are working at full capacity to complete all the work of the audit tunnel within five months," he said. He said that the length of all the three tunnels will be one kilometer, claiming that the work will be completed on time even though the work has just started due to the late availability of explosives.

The authority has acquired 132 ropani land for the construction of this project and the project has informed that another 15 ropani is in the process of acquisition. Already, the construction of 2.4 km access road leading to the power plant has been completed. According to the project office, preparations are being made to invite bids for the construction of office and residential buildings within this month.

In order to raise investment for this project, which is estimated to cost around 45 billion, the authority is currently discussing small agreements with hydropower investment and development companies and other financial institutions. The initial environmental study for the construction of the project has been approved and the geotechnical analysis has also been completed.

This project, which aims to be completed within the next four years, will be a semi-reservoir. The reservoir of the project will be constructed near the intersection of Seti and Ghatganga rivers near Kandagaon of Saipal rural municipality. The water from the reservoir will be pumped through a 13-kilometer long tunnel to the town of Danot village.

The power plant of the project will be located near Bastigaon in the bottom. The authority claims that the project will be completed on time as there will be no human settlements in the construction area of ​​the project's dam and power house, as there will be no hassles such as settlement restoration. According to the authority, the investment will be made by the federal, state and local governments along with the residents of the affected areas and the general public across the country. The authority has informed that the modality of financial management is being discussed in order to manage the financial management of the

project, including the employee savings fund, citizen investment fund, Nepal Infrastructure Development Bank, hydropower investment and development company and the local and state government.

Compared to other projects, the authority said that this project will be built at a low cost and will give high returns. It is said that it will be an attractive project that can generate 210 megawatts of electricity for at least 6 hours a day even in dry season.

With the start of work for the construction of the Chainpur Seti hydroelectric project, the locals have expressed their happiness saying that job opportunities will be created and economic activity will increase . 'We are ready to provide all kinds of support from the local government and residents to complete this project on time,' Manbir Bohra, Chairman of Saipal Rural Municipality said, 'We are hopeful that this project will change the face of our municipality the most.' He said that infrastructure such as road transport will be built in Saipal, which is considered to be difficult, and the locals will get employment opportunities. As this project will make a great contribution to the country's energy sector, the local administration will also facilitate its completion quickly and effectively, said Pragya Bishwamitra Kuikel. He said that the administration will play a coordinating role to address the legitimate demands of the locals.

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