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Tipper accident in Palpa's Hattilung: Two killed


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Two people died in a tipper accident that happened in Hattilung of Palpa on Monday. The tipper No. 2 B 561, which was coming from Rupandehi's Devdah Khaireni to Palpa's Dhamiga limestone quarry, met with an accident at Mathagadhi Rural Municipality-5, Hattilung Artokghat.

Tipper accident in Palpa's Hattilung: Two killed

Deputy Superintendent of Police Sugandh Shrestha informed that 18-year-old Manish Pariyar of Rupandehi Tilottma municipality 16 and driver Pradeep Kumal of the same place died in an accident under Rahwas-Khaireni road in Palpa. A team has been deployed from Mathagadi Police Station and District Police Office Palpa to further investigate the accident.

Most of the tippers used in limestone mining carry heavy loads, drive at high speed and are driven by unlicensed drivers in a careless manner, so there are frequent accidents in Gidhe Bhir area near Hattilung, Mathagadhi Rural Municipality-5. Although there is a Matha Police Station in Mathagadhi Rural Municipality-6, Gothadi, there is a collusion with the tipper drivers, and the locals allege that they operate in a careless manner in this area. story-break

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