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674 km road paved in Gandaki

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The Gandaki state government has constructed 674 kilometers of paved roads. According to the data of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development and Transport System, 674 km of tarred roads and 566 km of gravel roads have been constructed during the 6 years since the establishment of the provincial government.

674 km road paved in Gandaki

The ministry said that it has advanced the construction work by entering into a multi-year contract to cover 515 km of black roads and 67 km of gravel to be completed within the next two years.

Similarly, under one constituency one road program, 279 km of 279 km of 33 road projects have been contracted and are currently under construction. According to the

book, 16 roads under the provincial road 'A' class program are currently under contract to upgrade 122 km of roads and are under construction. According to the ministry, a contract has been signed to upgrade 89 km of 11 roads as part of the road construction program to connect local centers, which is a project of pride of the state government. The government had set the goal of connecting all 85 local level centers of the province with road network.

The provincial government has prepared a detailed project report and environmental impact assessment report according to the goal of providing road network to Chumanubri in Gorkha and Narpabhumi rural municipality center in Manang, which have not yet been connected to the center of the municipality.

The Minister of Physical Infrastructure Development and Transport Management Resham Bahadur Jugjali said that a budget allocation system has been developed by prioritizing road maintenance work for the sustainability of roads.

He said that the work of allocating the budget for the enhancement of road safety has started. Minister Jugjali said that the work of the Provincial Road Transport Master Plan has reached its final stage. After the establishment of the province, 85 road bridges have been completed under the road bridge program.

Currently, 53 road bridges are under construction, while the detailed project report of 23 road bridges is in the process of preparation. Similarly, the construction of 63 bridges under the suspension bridge has been completed. While 10 suspension bridges are under construction, the construction process of 51 bridges has been advanced according to the ministry. According to the statistics of the Ministry, 162 projects on the road side, 70 on the road bridge, 17 on the suspension bridge, and 10 on the building side are under construction as a multi-year project.

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