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An endangered salak caught by locals was released

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The endangered salak caught by the locals has been released. Devika Rai of Halesi Tuwachung Municipality-2, Dikuwa, found the salak in the local community forest while grazing her goats and brought it home on March 29th.

An endangered salak caught by locals was released

Even though it was known that Rai could not kill the endangered salak, she was caught by a stranger and brought home. Acting Head of Sub Division Forest Office Khotang, Dharma Chaudhary said that after knowing that it was Salak, it was brought to the Division Forest Office in Halesi on Chait 29th and left on New Year's Day.

Forest guard Vinod Gajmer said that Halesi was left in Nirmalidanda area due to insecurity in Tuwachung Municipality area. "After receiving information about the release of salak, it was released in the Sapsukhola area of ​​Nirmalidanda, seeing that it would not be safe to release it in Halesi Tuwachung area," Gajmer said, "The endangered salak's skin is sold at a high price, so it was taken elsewhere because of the danger of being followed and killed."

6 Chowdhury said that the KG's cockerel Salak was brought to the Division Forest Office Diktel and was found to be healthy and then sent to leave.

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