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The anger of the people's representative of Koshi region

"Federalism will not be strengthened by seizing resources and transferring responsibilities only."
Suggestion to allocate the budget by classifying the local level
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People's representatives of the state and local levels have put forward the idea that even if the federal government transfers the responsibility of work to the lower level, the federalism will not be strengthened by seizing the financial resources themselves. They said that the method adopted by the federal government while providing grants to the states and local levels was not appropriate, and they also cut the financial rights prescribed by the constitution.

The anger of the people's representative of Koshi region

In order to collect suggestions from the provincial and local levels during the revision of the Inter-Governmental Finance Management Act 2074, in a discussion organized by the National Association of Rural Villages in Biratnagar on Monday, they said that the grants provided by the association to the local level should be accessible, accessible and based on needs.

Koshi held a discussion with the participation of the state chief minister, chairman of the parliamentary committee, state MP, local president, vice president, mayor, deputy mayor, state ministry officials, and finance commission officials.

Chief Minister of Koshi Province Kedar Karki said that although political federalism was implemented, the union government neglected the implementation of administrative and financial federalism. He accused them of reducing the subsidy sent to the local level contrary to the law passed by the federal parliament saying that the mentality of unitary governance of the people in the federal government has not gone away.

He said that no one has the right to cut the budget passed by the federal government, and said, 'There should be coordination at all three levels when distributing revenue and transferring work responsibilities.' In the

program, President Vijay Prakash Vanem of Maivakhola Rural Municipality Taplejung said that the federal government is ruling over the local government. Tell . He demanded that the union remove the trend of increasing the responsibility of work to the local level but also cutting the supplementary subsidy.

President Wanem said that financial grants should be based on remote and accessible local levels, population and needs. He held the opinion that the transfer of finance should be done only by classifying the local level. In the program Pushpalal Rai, Vice President of Limchungbung Rural Municipality, Udaipur, asked, "If the budget is allocated only on the basis of population, what will be done when the village becomes empty due to migration and emigration after some time?" He demanded to classify the municipalities during the financial transfer.

Dil Prasad Rai, mayor of Morang in Belbari municipality, said that different criteria should be made while distributing the supplementary budget to Himal, Pahad and Terai districts. He said that criteria should be made while allocating funds to schemes coming from the center in the name of conditional and supplementary grants.

The agent who allocates the budget around the Singha Darbar is still active and said that the work is done on the basis of access. He said that until its end, the three-level federalism will only be discredited. Bishnumaya Bhujel, Vice President of Rong Rural Municipality, Ilam, said that the policy adopted by the Union Government on revenue distribution is wrong.

She said that there are obstacles when the local level tries to increase revenue collection. Chairman of the National Natural Resources and Finance Commission, Balananda Paudel, said that in some cases, there were problems due to existing laws during the transfer of finance. He said that the commission is giving suggestions to the government on the issues of difficulties, saying that the funds will be transferred based on the government policy. He said that provisions should be made to eliminate the existing problems by creating the Finance Transfer Act. He said that federalism will be strengthened in the cooperation, coexistence and coordination of all three levels of government and all issues should be regulated by law.

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