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Politics towards the demise of Upendra

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Even though it was legally recognized as a national party, practically the party led by Upendra Yadav could never make an impact at the national level. Instead, the party led by him continued to have a one-sided influence on power and he himself was able to be recognized as a character who continued to climb the chariot of power. Yadav was associated with the Madheshi Janadhikhar Forum, which was established as a non-governmental organization until two decades ago.

After the success of the Jana Andolan, Yadav raised the demands of the Madheshis and led the movement, which is known as the First Madhesh Movement. After registering the Forum as a party, Yadav's journey to power continued in the government except sporadically.

Yadav, who participated in the new power coalition formed on February 21 and became the deputy prime minister and health minister, had to submit his resignation unwillingly after about two and a half months. He is accused of playing an active role in forming another coalition within the ruling coalition.

Even though Jajas had a role in the JSP split, the party has already split and even the Election Commission has recognized another party formed from the split. Yadav has approached the Supreme Court against it. It would be different if the Supreme Court's decision is in his favor, otherwise there is no hope for his political future to be bright.
– Sujan Devkota, Palungtar-4, Gorkha

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