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Some comments taken from facebook.com/eKantipur in the news of 'Foreign exchange reserves again record, 19 trillion 11 billion accumulated in deposits':

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Very good, but Nepali's habit of opposing everything is not right.
– Vishal Bohra

Let the import-oriented economy have the wisdom to move towards self-sufficiency with this amount.
– Bodhraj Dhakal

The purchasing power of Nepalis is weak and accumulated, no one is worried about it, what do you say?
– Buddhiraj Baral

Government riches from human trafficking. People's government's bribery policy. This is not an improvement of the economy as a whole, but rather the result of government intervention in the economy in an unsustainable and unintended manner.
– Ramnath Dahal

The monetary policy coming now is not investment friendly, if we don't loosen it a bit, we will take this dollar with us when it dies.
- YK Saral

Whatever wealth is kept in heaps, neither the state nor the people, no one is useful.
– Jeevan Rai

The market is zero, what to do with the piles, people's accounts are broken. The day of mafia and leaders has come.
– Shankarman Bajracharya

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