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Two Saraswati, Purana and Present Women

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After reading a review titled 'South Indian Actor in Purana Rewriting' published in Kantipur Daily on Wednesday, I tried to read myself once. I tried to share the many pains, persecutions and some of the truths that I had understood myself in my life.

Two Saraswati, Purana and Present Women

After reading a review titled 'South Indian Actor in Purana Rewriting' published in Kantipur Daily on Wednesday, I tried to read myself once. I tried to share with myself the many pains, persecutions and persecutions that I had to face in life and some truths that I understood myself. Why do I have to be pretty? reviewed.

I questioned myself about the physical and cultural, religious, practical differences between me and my brother. I am human, he is also human. Again, why do our texts portray us differently? The facts of Saraswati's campaign forced me to think about such matters.

revolution is becoming a synonym for political change in the present situation, those mythical beliefs where there is gender discrimination against women, caste discrimination, moral discrimination and discrimination is everywhere. Now the revolution must be for equality. There must be a revolution to rewrite those texts of ours that advocate inequality and discrimination. It is necessary for women like us to analyze the interrelationship between the campaign to rewrite the Purana of Du Saraswati, the question of women's existence and the many forms of discrimination faced by women.

In some of our cultural beliefs, the fact that women hate their own bodies and curse fate is just a document of discriminatory history, it is necessary for the women of today not only to understand, but to move forward as a movement. Menstruation was, and still is, considered a disgrace by society.

In what sense has this become a factor in the abuse of women? What is the reason why women have to accept such abuse? What is its scientific and ethical basis? Till date we have not been able to raise the voice of such discriminatory textual rewriting. Again, with the help of the religious texts written by them, the facts of many types of discrimination against women are being made public.

Du Saraswati's peaceful play and every woman should be able to review the difference between me and my brother from the heart to stand up as a character. This story of Du Saraswati, a South Indian activist who started rewriting the Puranas, has given us hope.
– Ravina Paudel, Gokarneshwar, Kathmandu

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