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Tiger-cat fair at Calikot


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With the arrival of the new year, the tiger cat fair which is organized every year in Shubhakalika-3 Bharta Bhausain village has been completed. In the fair that has been going on since ancient times, 74 householders of Bhausain village, Khalak, have been continuing the tradition by organizing the tiger cat fair. On the 1st of Baisakh, the local Lokendra Adhikari became a tiger and Bhupendra Adhikari a cat.

Tiger-cat fair at Calikot

Janjyoti Mavika is a custom of Janjyoti Mavika. Teacher Bharat Adhikari said.

'For the happiness of Vindrasaini Devi, there is a custom of playing a tiger and a cat,' he said, 'Since ancient times, every year on New Year's day, a tiger and cat fair has been held in Bharta.' From different families of the official family, the tiger becomes a cat and after being chased and caught by the others, it is done with great fanfare and going to the house to perform puja. It is believed that if you make a tiger and a cat and worship them, the animals will be protected and there will be no fear of diseases in the villages.

Khadanand Adhikari informed that every year on New Year's Day, the Tiger Cat Festival (Fair) is organized as the Than (temple) of Bharata Adhikari is the head deity of Vindrasaini Devi's Kshetrapal Mastoko in Siran village. Although people from other castes around Bharta village come to see the fair, the tiger becomes a cat and Only family members of the officer have the right to hold.

Since a week ago, the temple of the deity is covered and painted. Among the children of the official family, the eldest child is made into a tiger and the younger child is made into a cat to chase him. It is a tradition that even if someone's crops are destroyed while chasing like this, one cannot abuse them. Even if the audience who came to see the fair hooted, the person who turned into a tiger cat would not get property.

A person in the shape of a tiger and a cat crossed the Bhartagad river at the end of Kuder village wearing only a white cloth. In that year, it is believed that in addition to damage to livestock, the village will also be harmed. This tradition has helped to unite the society. Local social activist Tekwahadur Shahi said that there is fun in the new year, so people believe that people spend time having fun throughout the year.

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