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Breaking the drug network

मनोज पौडेल

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In the last 8 months, 49 grams and 47 milligrams of illegal drug brown sugar have been seized from Kapilvastu. As a result, brown sugar was arrested from 40 dealers from last July to February. 29 people were involved in selling and 11 people were arrested.

Breaking the drug network

Only 40 arrested people have been prosecuted. 20 people have been remanded in prison and 13 have been released on bail. 7 people are in police custody. They are being investigated by the court after extension.

After a special operation conducted by the Pipra police to break the drug dealer's network, the dealer was arrested. With easy access to narcotic drugs, problems began to appear in the society with various distorted anomalies. Whose parents started to be directly killed . Inspector Gopal Rayamazhi of the area police office, Pipra, said that the campaign was launched after they started expressing interest and concern through various channels.

It is believed that there are more drug dealings and addicts in Banganga Municipal District. The youths and teenagers here are easily addicted to drugs. Stakeholders say that there is a dense settlement of people with developed city market, bars and employment, and the youths here get addicted. Local Gopal Bhattarai said that the police campaign was very positive during the arrest of drugs. "With the increase in police activity, the incidents of fighting and theft have decreased," he said.

The police claims that the traders are bringing drugs to Nepal from the Indian border market. In India, one gram costs 8 to 10 thousand rupees. One gram is one thousand milligrams. 25/26 of that make a puriya dose . A puriya is sold for 800 to 1000 . Get up to three times the profit . No need to find customers to sell. After getting addicted, people go to dealers looking for drugs .

Some parents have sent their children abroad for higher education and employment as soon as possible to save them from the increasing violence in Wanganga city. People working as drug dealers have been arrested in Bangai, Jagdishpur, Pipra and Pachehra areas. Business has decreased since they went to jail.

Yuvraj Tharu, resident of Kapilvastu Municipality-9 Buddha Chowk, was arrested in drug dealing. He was arrested with 8 grams and 890 milligrams of drugs while he was being brought from Bagdi to the place where the battery of motorcycle No. LU25P 2706 was kept.

Two people were arrested with brown heroin while checking the motorcycle number LU18P 5508 while going to Jitpur from Taulihwa. Vijay Rai of Wanganga Municipality-1 and Dinesh Ghimire of Banganga Municipality-2 were arrested with 4 grams and 200 milligrams of brown heroin.

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