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Tatasumo hits two dead, one injured


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Two people were killed and one was injured when an Indian Tatasumo collided on the Matihani Janakpur road section of Mahottari. Deputy Superintendent of Police Dilip Kumar Giri informed that the deceased are 60-year-old Akwar Rain of Mahottari Pipra Rural Municipality-5 and 60-year-old Rajkishore Yadav of Dhanusha Kshireshwarnath Municipality-1.

Tatasumo hits two dead, one injured

BR 06 PD 3330 going from Janakpur to Matihani Last night Tatasumo hit the Madhesh Pradesh 01 to 3009 tractor which was going from Pipra to Matihan on the road section located at Pipra-1. Rine, who was sitting behind the tractor, was killed by the collision, while at the same time, Tatasumo hit him on a bicycle from the opposite direction. It hit the oncoming yavad.

The 60-year-old Jhapsi Kawadi of Pipra-5 riding on a tractor was seriously injured in the collision of the same Tatasumo. It is said that he is being treated at Janakpur Provincial Hospital. It is said that Tatasumo also overturned on the side of the road at Matihani-4 and the driver is absconding .

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