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167 people were rescued from the border

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Maiti Nepal Bhairahawa branch, an organization working against human trafficking, has rescued 167 women and girls who were at risk of trafficking from different borders in the past one year. Head of the branch, Maya Chhetri informed that a case of human trafficking was registered in Rupandehi District Court after rescuing 4 people from different places in India and 1 person from the third country, Kuwait, in 2023.

167 people were rescued from the border

"Recently, women and teenagers who go abroad through India in the name of foreign employment are more at risk of being trafficked," she said, "Open borders of Nepal are the main reason for going through India to countries that are banned from entering Nepal without completing the process of safe immigration for foreign employment." It has become a challenge.'

According to him, 90 percent of those who have been trafficked have gone for foreign employment. Most of them are going to different cities of India for orchestra (dance) and young women above 25 years of age are going to India through open border for foreign employment . In 2023, the

branch gave counseling to 7,258 teenagers, women and young girls who were going to work abroad through the Belhia and other border crossings of Rupandehi, about human trafficking and safe immigration for foreign employment.

1 thousand 258 people who came to the district administration office to make passports for foreign employment have been counseled by the Maiti Nepal unit at the district administration office. In 2023, Maiti Nepal Bhairahawa Branch received 29 applications for search and 16 applications related to domestic violence. Out of which, 19 people were found, Chhetri said. The search for others continues .

'At the initiative of Maiti Nepal, a committee has been formed in Siddharth Nagar and Saina Maina municipalities to control human trafficking and trafficking under the coordination of the mayor,' she said, 'In all the wards of both municipalities, ward level committees have been formed under the coordination of the ward presidents and are active against human trafficking and trafficking. ;.'

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