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Moral questions on Prachanda and Shrestha

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Ravi Lamichhane, Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of the Cooperatives, who was involved in the co-operative fraud case, has also become hollow inside.

Moral questions on Prachanda and Shrestha

Lamichhane has been making the same statement about Gitendrababu (GB) Rai, who is accused of misappropriating the money deposited by the common people in the cooperative. He alleges that after Rai was questioned, the then government did not immediately arrest him and sent him away.

Lamichhane's expression that because he was chased away by the then government, now there are various problems in arresting him goes directly to the Prime Minister Prachanda and the then Home Minister Shrestha. When the Deputy Prime Minister and the Home Minister are repeatedly making such accusations, moral questions have also been raised against Prime Minister Prachanda and Minister Shrestha.

When a member of his own cabinet is repeatedly blaming himself, neither the Prime Minister has opened his mouth about it, nor the then Home Minister, now Foreign Minister Shrestha has given any response. Now, whether it is Prachanda or Shrestha, how can everyone maintain power? They don't want to go back on whatever false case is imposed on them.

Even though the coalition has changed, Prachanda is going to make history as the leader of a rebel party for five years as the prime minister for five years. Even Shrestha, who saw that he would have peace as long as Prachanda was there and that there would be no future for politics after that, did not have the courage to speak against Prachanda's order.

The Prime Minister advocated for Lamichhane to be acquitted of all the charges against him in Parliament, and even made the Attorney General controversial. The Prime Minister gave a clarification in Parliament that Lamichhane is innocent.

But even after his frank statement, more evidence has been found that Lamichhane was involved in embezzlement. Prachanda must have understood that his own political future is being pushed to the brink while he is carrying anyone for satlipsa and personal interests.
– Sujan Devkota, Palungtar-4, Gorkha

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