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Nazir's example in characterization

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Before Covid, actor Nazir Hussain was busy with one film after another. He came to the limelight with 'Hostel Returners', Mane in 'Veer Vikram', Bharatraj Mishra in 'Timi Sang' and Razza Yadav in the lead role of 'Razzarani'. By the time he reached 'Garuda Puran', 'Kaagapatra', 'Veer Vikram 2', he was no longer able to appear in films. Whether the character is the main character or the supporting character.

Nazir's example in characterization

Meanwhile, towards the music video. However, after 'Veer Vikram 2', he suddenly disappeared, even on social media! The music video has stopped. Why did Nazir disappear like this? Well-wishers became worried.

Nazir has been preparing during these five years. Preparation of what? The answer is - 'Gunyocholo' and 'Agastya' Meanwhile, Nazir spent his time . Looking back at his work, he came to a conclusion - 'Now I don't do films to deceive the audience'. In other words, it was not a good way to call a bad movie. There is absolutely no desire for the character who dances holding the heroine's hand on the hill .

I watched the movies I made for money, friendship and relationships one by one on YouTube, then I thought - now I will eat dalbhat but I will make good movies . Meanwhile, Nazir's time spent on himself, hard work and film selection decisions are being seen on the screen. The discussion of

'Gunyocholo' and 'Agastya' speaks of the preparations made by Nazir in the meantime . 'I'm not lost, I was here somewhere . I wanted to see what I am on social media too . Wrote 10/11 poems during this period. Wrote 2 dramas . Wrote 3 short films . I got closer to the book, I got to sit next to nature," Nazir says, "Covid took 2 years, the rest of the time went to movies. How did I get lost?'

'Acting danger, life not', a comment found while watching his film on YouTube did not allow Nazir to keep his hands tied even in the midst of Covid . After the lockdown started, he hired a personal trainer and started a gym. Changed life in one year, gained weight from 60 to 79 kg . At the same time, the script of 'Gunyocholo' came to hand. For the film, the weight had to be reduced to 61 kg, for the character of 'Gulabi', a transgender woman. Nazir was initially speechless when

director Samundra Bhatt offered him the role. 'I was looking for a character that looked different from me . I said I will do it right away . I was ready to spend years to work on the character, when I was looking for a stone, it was as if I met a deity,' Nazir remembers his first meeting with Samundra, 'He told me that I can fall. I said yes immediately . I lost 17 kg for 'Gunyocholo'. More time should be given to the gym to lose weight, 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the evening . Food should also be eaten sparingly. After weighing 61, a sister came to measure the clothes . Surprised by the change in Nazir's body, she said, 'You have become a dummy size'. During the shooting, when Nazir was swinging in make-up and saree, everyone from the director to the team was surprised! Nazir has made his debut in screenwriting with

'Gunyocholo'. He has also written dialogues. Especially in the beginning, the script of the film was written by others. However, director Bhatt's story was not well adapted to the screenplay. Aakash Patal's difference in the character of the transgender woman he saw and the script! Nazir also did not understand the script.

At that time, he said to director Bhatt, "I will not do the film if the script is going to be like this". I slimmed down for the film, no regrets. I will also return the money taken at the time of signing' .

Nazir's words made director Bhatt think. Then, from the next day, he sat down to write the script together with director Bhatt. The experience of 'Dynamic Dramaturgy' studied in Germany helped in writing .

Nazir met a transsexual woman who did not reveal her sexual identity during the creation of the character. Asked the character 118 questions. Make another friend a witness in the conversation, so that the three stop him when he asks uncomfortable questions . As Nazir listened to his story, Gunyocholo's script began to fade. After that, Nazir complained about the script to Samudra. The meeting with the same character gave Nazir the energy to write the screenplay . As in

screenplay writing, I felt the same effort in character building . Had to learn the code language spoken among transgender women . It took 1 month and 11 days to walk on the hill . At first, only the pelvis was shaking, then the hip started shaking too. Pink is the character that takes time for me to get into and out of a character,' Nazir remembers the time of character creation. It took 5/6 months to make Nazeer's pink character .

Learned to cut hair during character creation . Learned to wrap rice, go to rice. Now, Nazir is adept at applying nail polish and lipstick. Learned eye make-up, could walk in a saree .

As the pink character lives, Nazir gets to feel women's freedom from the inside . 'It's difficult to handle everything . While standing in a blouse with a bra on, it felt like someone was pulling me from behind . At that time, I thought that freedom was lost. He was tied by something, if someone attacked him, it was as if he couldn't even move his hand,' he told his experience, 'even wearing heels is difficult. The freedom I used to experience when I wore men's clothes felt taken away . The bangle used to get stuck somewhere .' It takes 2 hours of makeup to become pink. Applying false eyelashes just got more complicated . Before hearing 'cut', Nazir used to rush to remove the eyelashes.

Nazir pays attention not only to such external but also internal aspects in character building . To make a 'pink' character, he worked hard on the internal side as well . Gulabi is a heavy character, a conflicted character. He wanted to present Gulab with soft and strong . Sometimes he looked for the soft nature in himself, sometimes he looked for the strong side. Gulabi used to think about the way of looking at the society, the way of looking at the family.

'While making the character, I have spoken pink to many of my close boy friends . For 11 months I used to eat as a woman, walk as a woman . In this way, I was trying to experience the female character from the inside,' said Nazir.

Nazir's experience is that creating the character of 'Agastya' is more difficult than that of 'Gulabi'. A character who never wanted to be in real life, had to be in 'Agastya'. It took time to get along with that character. 'I don't want to be close to that character in real life . I don't even want to be friends. I don't even want to keep it close," Agastya said about the character. Saurabh Choudhary called Nazir to meet him after filming a Kathak dance of Gulabi. At that time, he thought, 'Oh, the boy called'!

When Saurabh narrated the role in Nazir's 'Agastya', he became attracted . The character's canvas is huge. He didn't even understand half the story of the film. However, with that one meeting, Nazir was attracted to the character. In some frame, Saugat should look bigger than Mall. At that time, Nazir Saurabh said in a joking manner, 'How can I look bigger than him, I am now in Mahilawala Phil' . For the character, the weight should be increased by 80 kg. Called the trainer immediately from there. Turner asked, 'Can you eat 7 times a day? Nazir said 'yes'.

While reading the book, Nagarjuna enters the forest near the house and gradually makes the pink character distant. Even in the gym, 'Agastya' marks began to be guffawed over the character.

'Many scenes have no dialogue . Since there was no dialogue, it had to be shown through face and body language,'Nazir explains the complex aspects of character building . Nishan has to live in five different emotions in the film . Risaha character, full of patriarchy . In the meantime, many will give such a character to Nazir ? Director Choudhary has been informed saying. However, Nazir says that he was able to create Nishan's character because director Saurabh believed in him.

'At that time 4 hours gym, 2 hours action training . Eat, sleep and rest. Pema Guru taught fight . It was a lot of fun to beat up people,' he says, 'Nishan is a character with a fierce body . That will be visible. But it was difficult to live the different feelings and thoughts experienced by that character in different scenes . In this film I have lived the life of 2 characters . How did Saurabhji believe in me? He won by the faith he showed in me' .

This time, seeing the work Nazir has done on his body, many may think that he is trying to be within the standard of a hero. But Nazir knows that he does not fall within that standard. 'I don't fall under the standard of market beauty, I know . But the audience expects me not to get lost in the crowd of actors. That's why I had to work hard in creating the character," says Nazir, "I did not work for the hero, but for the sake of the character. If you want to be the role of Hostel Returns in a film, you are ready to do that too. Now, if any kind of character comes and I have to work on my body, I am confident that I can work on it . Instead, I will play 2/3 of the film, but I have the courage to work like this.'

Nazir is now working on a new character. According to him, now he is preparing for such a Madhesi character, which will destroy the traditional Madhesi character created by the film. Even now, Terai's full-fledged actors are playing small roles. Either a barber, or a hot seller. But the Madhesi character that I am doing now is not a laughing stock, it is not the kind of thing that will upset any community.'

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