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Announcement of establishment of Krishna Sen Sanchargram at Lumbini by Finance Minister


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Finance Minister Varshman Pun has announced the establishment of Krishna Sen Sanchargram in Lumbini Province in the name of the editor of Maoist's mouthpiece Manadesh weekly and progressive writer Krishna Sen.

Announcement of establishment of Krishna Sen Sanchargram at Lumbini by Finance Minister

Presenting the budget for the financial year 2081/082 in the joint house of the federal parliament, he allocated the budget for establishing Sanchargram in Lumbini province. Sen's birth place, Lumbini Province, near Valubang, the capital of Sen's birthplace, is preparing to establish the Sanchargram at Arghakhanchi Jaluke on the banks of the Rapti River.

"Krishna Sen Sanchargram will be established in Lumbini region," Pun said while reading the budget statement. Sen died due to severe torture in the Mahendra Police Club on May 13, 2059 during the royal rule. In his name, the Krishna Sen Memorial Foundation has already been established in Kathmandu.

Pun has committed to full freedom of the press while ensuring the right of citizens to be well informed. He has promised that arrangements will be made to make mass media fair, professional and inclusive. Pun has promised in the budget speech that the advertisement of the

digital sector will be managed and the social network digital platform will be managed.

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