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The number and income of for-profit institutions increased

26 public institutions earned 48.5 billion, government investment in the institution is 6 trillion 61 billion 107.4 million, dividends from profit-making institutions are 10.45 billion, 32 thousand 180 employees in the institution
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26 public institutions of the government have earned a profit of 48 billion 51 billion 75 lakh rupees in the last financial year. According to the Ministry of Finance, there are currently 44 public institutions in existence. 15 of them have gone into loss and three have zero turnover. According to the 'Annual Status Review of Public Institutions 2081', 44 public institutions were operating in the financial year 2078/79. Of these, 25 were operating at a profit and 17 at a loss. In the year 2079/80, compared to the previous year, the overall net profit of the institute has increased by 3046.20 percent.

The number and income of for-profit institutions increased

The main reason for the increase in net profit is Nepal Oil Corporation. In the year 2078/79, the corporation had a net loss of Rs. Due to the drop in fuel prices last year and the remaining debt obligations, the corporation did not fully implement the automatic pricing system and thus made a profit. In the last year 2079/80, the net profit of the corporation was 11.72 billion 3 million. Due to the increase in the profit of the corporation, the net profit of the institute in the commercial sector has also increased. In 2079/80, the government received a dividend of 10 billion 45 lakhs from profit-making institutions. In 2078/79, it received 6 billion 15 million 51 million dividends.

An entity with controlling ownership of more than 50 percent of the share capital by the government is considered as a public corporation. Under this practice, there are 10 public institutions in the industrial sector, 4 in the commercial sector, 11 in the service sector, 5 in the social sector, 5 in the utility sector and 9 in the financial sector. According to the review, the institutes of the industrial sector are in loss. It is mentioned that the institutes of this sector have a loss of 1 billion 485 million. It is mentioned in the review that the company in the commercial sector has a profit of 11.81 billion 14 million.

Similarly, companies in the overall service sector have a profit of 2.22 billion. Institutions in the social sector are at a loss of 125 million. The condition of public sector institutes is satisfactory. Overall profit is 17 billion 104 million. All financial sector institutions are profitable. A total of 18 billion 98 billion 75 lakh rupees have been earned. According to

review, the highest profit corporation has earned 11 billion 72 crore 29 lakhs. Nepal Electricity Authority 9.445 million rupees, Nepal Telecommunication Company 7.92 million 1 million rupees, Citizen Investment Fund 3.857 million rupees, Deposit and Credit Protection Fund 3.806 million rupees have earned in the second place respectively. The net profit of these 5 companies is 75.67 percent of the total net profit.

The most loss-making institutions are Nepal Air Service Corporation (65 crore 29 lakh), Nepal Water Supply Corporation (54 crore 69 lakh), Dairy Development Institute (48 crore 42 lakh), Udaipur Cement Industry (36 crore 28 lakh), Nepal Television (35 million 12 million) and other institutes. The Airline Corporation has been continuously running at a loss from 2076/77 to the review period.

Although the net loss has decreased compared to the year 2078/79, it is mentioned that the financial condition of the Airline Corporation is not satisfactory. The situation is deteriorating due to problems in paying the principal and interest of the ships purchased with loans from financial institutions, high administrative expenses, low operation of the ships, no flights on time, low implementation of business plans,'' said the review.

Like the Airline Corporation, other institutions have not been able to maintain clarity and consistency in their objectives. On the one hand, there is an obligation to operate in a competitive environment with commercial objectives, on the other hand, there is a responsibility to distribute quality goods and services to the citizens at affordable prices according to the policies and priorities taken by the government. are not The officials who have been appointed as members of the board of directors and chief executive officers of the institute have not been able to prove themselves. The lack of presence of experienced and competent people in the appointment has caused a problem. According to the

review, the government's total investment in public institutions has increased by 8.62 percent to 6 trillion 61 billion 107.4 million by June 2080. Share investment increased by 9.19 percent to 3 trillion 79 billion 72 million 16 million and loan investment increased by 7.86 percent to 2 trillion 81 billion 38 million 58 million. Compared to 2078/79, the paid-up capital increased by 10.62 percent and reached 4 trillion 12 billion 12 billion 81 million in 2079/80. It is mentioned that the government's capital investment is 92.13 percent and other institutions/private sector owns 7.87 percent of shares. The total operating income increased by 14.87 percent to 6 trillion 61 billion 129 million. Likewise, the institute's administrative expenses have increased by 23.79 percent. 32 thousand 180 employees are working in the public institute. 29 thousand 736 employees were employed in 2078/79.

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