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Authority taking action against service providers providing access to Tiktok


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Even after three months have passed since the government banned Tiktok, the regulator Nepal Telecommunication Authority has said that Tiktok is still running through the networks of some internet service providers and mobile service providers. The authority has informed that such service providers have been instructed to block the access of Tiktok, but they have not followed through, so the process of action has been initiated.

Authority taking action against service providers providing access to Tiktok

'Clarification was sought as Tiktok was found to be accessing/running through the network of some service provider companies,' the notice of the authority said, 'According to the Telecommunications Act, 2053, action has been taken.' has made . Not only that, the authority has requested the internet users to inform the authority if they find that Tiktok is running.

"The authority's monitoring division is studying and regularly monitoring this matter," said Pradeep Paudyal, co-spokesperson of the authority, "if the order or instructions of the regulator are not followed, action will be taken according to Section 47 of the Telecommunications Act". According to that, the fine can be from 50 thousand rupees to 5 lakh rupees.'

The government banned Tiktok last October saying that social harmony and social environment are being negatively affected through Tiktok, which is being used as a social network. In order to implement the government's decision, the authority issued a notice to all internet service providers with instructions to immediately shut down Tiktok.

Recently, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal said in the Parliament meeting on February 6 that Tiktok is ready to provide content regulation, establishment of point of contact (contact office), access to the dedicated reporting system to the government of Nepal, and if the implementation of these commitments is ensured, Tiktok can be brought back into operation. said .

"Representatives of the company are coming to Nepal to discuss with the relevant bodies to bring Tiktok back into operation," said Prime Minister Dahal, "If practical implementation of the commitments expressed by Tiktok is ensured, it cannot be regulated."

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