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The truth about the illegal cutting of Sal was not made public

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The Division Forest Office Doti has not been able to publicize the truth about the illegal smuggling of sal trees for months. While 5 trucks were carrying sal pellets from Chandramukhi Community Forest located in Badikedar Rural Municipality-2, it was stopped on 11th January last after protests by the locals.

The truth about the illegal cutting of Sal was not made public

Ramchandra Kandel, the head of Division Forest Office, reached the spot and promised to make public the truth within 7 days after removing the bullets being carried in the truck.

division head Kandel has said that it was discovered through preliminary investigation that trees were illegally cut in the area. Division One formed an inquiry committee headed by Information Officer Lakshmiraj Joshi.

coordinator Joshi informed that although the investigation was completed, the report was not made public because the representative from the community forest was not present. He said that due to the lack of manpower, it took some time for the investigation to be conducted at the scene. "Forest officials are needed as representatives in decisions and guarantees, the chairman is out of the district," said Joshi, "We will publish the truth about the incident as soon as possible." He said that he had not been in contact. Sources claim that the Forest Division is reluctant to publish the report later if the involvement of the forest staff in the timber smuggling is confirmed. Mahendrasingh Dhami, head of the forest office of Vipinagar Ila, has been transferred by the division forest office and sent elsewhere.

Chandramukhi Community Forest was given concession for sale of 2 thousand 4 cubic feet of annual wood in 080. The community forest sold the wood to Kailpal Kashta Samhil located in Dhangadhi through the auction process . The contractor who got the permission to pick wood within 21 days did not pick the wood on time . In the last week of December, the application came again demanding to pick up the wood with a deadline of 7 days, but Division One asked the area office VP Nagar to inquire about the condition of the wood and ask for a report.

Despite the initial report from the local forest, the division did not give an order to pick the wood Locals protested while the contractor was extracting wood in 5 trucks arbitrarily. On January 11th, 5 truckloads of salal pellets were stopped after local people protested that illegally cut trees were being adulterated and smuggled in various community forests. Local Keshav Bam has accused forest employees, contractors and officials of the consumer committee of illegally smuggling wood.

Sources said that 3 trees were illegally cut from Indrakamal Community Forest located in Badikedar-2 and one tree from Chandramukhi Community Forest near the house of ward member Tara Namjali. Ward member Namjali admitted that the tree near her house was cut. She said that the tree near her house was cut down to the contractor after the fire in the forest did not reach the quantity of wood.

"Since they are close to the house, there is a possibility of damaging some houses, so they said to cut it if the process is approved," she said, "but now I am hearing that it was cut illegally, what is the reality?" Didn't know .'

Wood contractor Sher Bahadur Bohra said that he did not collect the wood on time after the wood for which he had paid the tax was destroyed by fire. He has demanded that he should get compensation as he did not get wood equal to the amount he paid. He claims that the wood seized at the scene is not equal to the 2 thousand 4 cubic feet for which he has paid the tax.

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