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Pokhara-Muglin road section: Residents of the headquarters took compensation, but did not remove the structure

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The Muglin-Pokhara section is being expanded to four lanes under Prithvi Highway, which was previously two lanes. The construction side has accelerated the work of making canals for road expansion, blackening the road, removing physical structures in the market area, moving electricity poles and building bridges.

Pokhara-Muglin road section: Residents of the headquarters took compensation, but did not remove the structure

Under the Muglin-Pokhara road plan, road expansion is being done by maintaining the eastern section of Ambukhaireni-Jamune and the western section of Jamune-Pokhara. Although the road expansion work in the western section did not make the expected progress, the work in the eastern section is satisfactory.

for the expansion of the eastern section. The contract was signed on January 17, 2077 and the work was started on May 2, 2078. V.No. China Communication Construction has signed a contract worth Rs. According to the agreement with the construction company, the highway should be expanded within three years from the date of the agreement. But by the end of the term, physical progress has been shown at about 56 percent.

It has been said that the road expansion work is not progressing because the structures within the road boundary are not removed in the Damauli section. Shyam Kumar Yadav, head of planning of the eastern section, said that in Bandipur rural municipality-1 Dumre Bazar, most of the houses except a few have been removed and construction of drains and other works are underway on both sides.

He said, "In Damauli Bazar, the headquarters of the district, the work has not been able to accelerate due to the delay in the removal of the houses." 74 houses in wards 2, 3 and 4 of Byas Municipality have received the compensation so far, but only a few have been delaying the removal of the roofs. 25 house owners of Damauli market area have not come to the process of understanding the compensation.'

After the refusal to remove the structures within the road boundary area, Beas municipality has been issuing notices several times and requesting them to remove the structures immediately. Due to the reluctance to remove the roofs even after understanding the compensation, the dust has caused problems for movement in the Damauli market area and the road expansion is also getting delayed.

In the expansion of the eastern section, the construction has not been able to speed up in the section of Ward No. 2, 3 and 4 in the east of Buldikhola and Madi Bridge in the west under Vyas. Ward no. 21 of 4 and ward no. Baikunth Neupane, mayor of Beyasa, said that the 2 of 19 house owners did not remove the structure after receiving compensation.

"21 house owners of Ward No. 4 and 19 of Ward No. 2 understand the compensation of the houses that will be demolished in the road jurisdiction area of ​​25 meters right and left, but the market area has become polluted because they do not carry out the demolition work", Mayor Newpan said, "some of them do not come to participate in the application process for compensation Information has been received. Neupane said that due to the delay in demolishing the houses, various problems have been seen. Neupane said that if the road construction cannot be completed within the extended period of time due to the expiry of the road construction period, there is a risk that the period of receiving compensation will end after the project period ends.

Neupane said that it is not in the interest of Damauli market and the house owners themselves to keep disturbing the houses in the road area without demolishing them. He said, 'We have requested everyone to be aware of the fact that even those who demolish houses without getting a map approved by the municipality will receive compensation even if they re-extend their houses within 25 meters.' It is over on the 2nd. He said that the contractor proposed to extend the deadline by 6 months as the work could not be completed within the specified time due to the corona virus infection. He said, "The road department has already received a proposal to extend the time by 6 months."

Road widening, drain construction, retaining wall construction, culvert and small and large bridge construction are also going on in this section. In this section, 19 kilometers of four-lane roads have been paved so far, while 8 kilometers have been paved with two lanes. On the whole, about 47 kilometers of roads have been blacked out so far, said Yadav, head of planning. 14 small bridges have been constructed in this section. 3 big bridges are being constructed. He said that the bridge construction work of Madi river has also gained momentum.

Similarly, about 11 kilometers of one-way road in the western section has been blacked out by Narayan Paudel, the engineer and information officer of the western section. He said, "Until now, there has been blackout for 11 kilometers in one direction. Efforts are being made to increase the distance of the tarmac.'

The Chinese company Yanhui Kaiyuan Highway and Bridge Construction has awarded Rs. The contract was signed on 2nd June 2078 and the work started on 12th August. V.No. About 23 percent material progress has been shown with 4 months left for the contract to be completed by August 2081.

According to Rajesh Podel, the planning head of the western section, the contract with the contractor company has four months remaining and since 78 percent of the work cannot be completed in this period, the contractor company has proposed to extend the deadline until December 2025.

'There will be 20 months of regular four months remaining and 16 to be extended. Accordingly, the contractor company has submitted an application," he said. "The contractor company has said that it will complete the entire western section by 2025.

Similarly, it is said that it will cost 1 billion 20 million rupees to build a bridge over the Madinadi river in Damauli in Tanahun and 1 billion rupees to build a bridge over the Seti river in Pokhara. According to the technicians, there will be a 6-lane wide road in the market area of ​​the highway. The market section will be 41 to 45 meters wide and other places will have 4 lanes. That section will be 21 to 22 meters wide. According to the project, drains on the right and left and a wide divider of three meters in the middle will also be built in this. The divider will also be beautified.

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