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The government under my leadership will remain in Madhesh: Chief Minister Yadav

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Madhesh Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav, who is in the minority after UML-Maoist's withdrawal of support, has claimed that the government under his leadership will continue. He said that he would soon take the vote of confidence after excluding UML and Maoist and including all other parties.

The government under my leadership will remain in Madhesh: Chief Minister Yadav

"Upendraji and I are talking to parties other than UML-Maoist," Chief Minister Yadav told Kantipur on Friday. CPN (S) is with me in the government. Talks are also going on with Janmat Party and LOSPA. The vote of faith is on my side.'

After the disintegration of Upendra Yadav-led Jaspa Nepal, Chief Minister Yadav claimed that 19 MPs of Jaspa Nepal in Madhesh were kept 'one-sided' and said that after Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal took the vote of confidence on May 7th, the way would open for him too. "Especially I am waiting for the coordination of the center. When Prachandaji takes a vote of confidence, what equation is formed there? And, I persist. Believe me," Chief Minister Yadav said, "Until now, the government has been run according to the ruling party. Now, there may be an alliance of the opposition in Madhesh. For example, Congress, JSP, LOSPA. I know that CPN Unified Socialists will also leave the union government. And public opinion too.

Chief Minister Yadav said that the government led by him will bring the budget and that he is busy preparing the budget. I am preparing the budget. We have discussed to bring policies and programs and budget and with this to get a vote of confidence,' he said, 'in the new budget, I am ready to build development from one door, cancel the consumer committee, not even one rupee of work will be done by the consumer committee, not to bring a plan below one crore rupees.

Chief Minister Yadav has already taken the vote of confidence four times in his 16-month term and is preparing to take the vote of confidence for the fifth time. If you try to work, you will encounter some problem. One problem solved. "There is another problem than paying attention to work," he said, "Sometimes I feel that I have become the chief minister for nothing." This government did not seem to run the government. It was like a dance party. There was no environment to work,'' Chief Minister Yadav said, 'When the work starts in full swing, the secretary is transferred at the same time. If we bring it back on track, the power alliance itself will change. Due to these reasons there were many obstacles in working. Sometimes I think about where the Chief Minister came from. Better not.'

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