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Returning home after 36 years of disappearance...


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There is a small hotel in Dhankuta municipality-7 bus park. 65-year-old Laxmimaya Tamang, who was there, saw a stranger who came next to her and guessed that it was a customer who had come to the shop. However, she was surprised when the stranger insisted that he was your son.

Returning home after 36 years of disappearance...

The man, who came to the shop with a woman on Sunday afternoon, did not give up his insistence that he was the son he lost 36 years ago. However, Lakshmi Maya didn't trust Ratipur. This process continued for a few hours. Relatives were called and it was done.

Laxmimaya and relatives were forced to believe after they started searching by the names of their siblings, neighbors and relatives. Mother Laxmimaya said, "Bhupal Maila, Gopal Saila, Bainiharu Mina, Krishna asked everyone." I thought it was the missing son of Baini Khoi who was born after the 2045 earthquake.

The eldest of four children was born in Purna while living in India. He got married to Jaya Singh from Karnataka in 1997 and returned home with his wife.

According to brother Gopal, while going to get water in Padhera, he left his brother Gagri and ran away. "It was the day of Holi, when there was a general dispute between the brothers, the brother left the house," he said.

He said that he left home at the age of 14 on the full moon day of 2045 . At this time, when he returned home, his family members are happy. Living in South India's Karnataka, he has returned home after so many years. He said that when he was walking, there was no house in the previous place and he found out by asking Narayangopal of the post office he knew.

'When I went to the bus park, I met my mother,' he said, 'I stood by the side and looked at her face. She ignored me for 3 hours more than her lost son.' After leaving home, he went to Pokhara from Dharan and stayed there for 9 months and then stayed in Kathmandu for 6 months. Then he went to India through the contact of a friend.

said that he reached Maheshwar in Karnataka and worked in a hotel. He told me that he got married to a 20-year-old girl when I was there on the first day. Jaya, who was with

, initially said that she was afraid that the Nepali man would cheat and run away. She cannot speak and understand Nepali language. Even though Puran did not want to come back to Nepal, he said that he came back on his own. "After leaving home at a young age, I didn't want to return because of what my mother and relatives would say," Puran said.

After the disappearance, knowing that he was in Pokhara, his mother and relatives went to look for him . But his mother Laxmimaya told that he returned home after finding out that his place of work has been removed from there too. He initially worked in a hotel in India and later became a security guard. Their 25 and 20 year old sons are both employed. After coming home after so many years, he is returning to Karnataka after staying for a week. He came to Nepal after a 48-hour journey by train.

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