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A young man who is obsessed with dating far away

Due to YouTubers, places that are on the map but never seen are becoming the main destinations for domestic and foreign tourists.
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For the past few years, the number of people staying at home and observing the mountains, hills and rivers across the country is increasing. Little-heard and unheralded places are suddenly gaining popularity. The breathtaking beauty of nature and such breathtaking views have given many people the courage to pack their bags and go on a journey. As the holiday season approaches, the line of walkers forming groups to visit is now long.

A young man who is obsessed with dating far away

Local businessman Dhan Bahadur Gurung said that the number of people going to Kori Village or Kapuche Lake via Pokhara is increasing as domestic tourists are increasing in every region. His Namaste Guest House, popularly known as Maila Daika, has rarely been empty for the past four to five years. Sikless village, which did not see a lot of tourists until a few years ago, is now ready to welcome guests. Many tourists who come to stay in Sikles come to Namaste Guest House and leave their luggage. Dhan Bahadur is not surprised to see the number of visitors at the hotel. Because, the sentence he hears from the mouth of every visitor is the same, 'Mila dai is you? We came here after watching the video of the pilgrim.'

For the past seven to eight years, those who have been capturing various places in the country on their cameras and telling the stories of the road and journey to the general public are also becoming a catalyst to encourage everyone to visit the country. Such YouTubers are also travel guides for those who love to travel.

Kanchan Rai, the founder of Ghumante, and his group went on a trip to Kapuche Lake in the year 2077 during the country's wanderings. The nomadic team checked into Namaste Guest House to stay. Later, when the video was published on YouTube, Dhan Bahadur said that his guest house became known to millions because of the view of the hotel, the respect he received in the hotel and the mentioned contact number. As Kanchan Rai said 'Maila Dai' in the video, today there is a crowd of people coming to his doorstep saying Maila Dai. Today, domestic tourists to Sikles, Kapuche and Kori have not only increased, but Myla Dai's business has also flourished. As Kanchan Rai said in the video, "Myla Dai" today, Dhan Bahadur Gurung has become the Myla Dai of many.

Similarly, the story of Hotel Snowland in Mardi Himal High Camp is no less interesting. Although Ravindra Paudel used to see foreign tourists at his hotel Snowland, he could not see a large crowd of domestic tourists. He said that only a year ago, after the popular YouTube channel Nepal Eighth Wonder visited the hotel, a big change was seen here. Last Dasain-Tihar, Rabindra said that there was a situation where the demand for rooms in the hotel was high and the guests had to be turned away. "Due to the arrival of Hemant Bhandari's group Nepal Eighth Wonder and the discussion of the video, I am now getting a chance to welcome many guests every day," he said, "Because of Nepal Eighth Wonder, not only mine but many hotels in this area have increased in number of people."

When it started around 2068, Hemant Bhandari used to only post pictures from various sources on his Facebook page. In the year 2072, he started presenting Nepal Eighth Wonder on Instagram in 2076 through videos on YouTube. Hemant Bhandari, who like the name of the group, considers Nepal to be the eighth wonder of the world, i.e. the eighth wonder, spent the next few years traveling to various places in Nepal and working to promote its cultural values, recognition, lifestyle and beauty. His first video about honey hunters from Tanje village in Lamjung has been viewed more than 400,000 times. While making videos with a selfless spirit doing what his heart desires, he had no desire to leave a deep impression on the audience or earn everyone's love with his work. However, with the passage of time, as the number of people watching and liking the videos of Nepal Eighth Wonder increased, he pursued his desire in a professional way.

With the active participation of 6 to 8 people, Nepal Eighth Wonder is introducing its viewers to many beautiful places in the country. Having published more than 60 videos in 5 years, this group has posted on its YouTube channel from Pathibharadevi in ​​the east to Khaptad National Park in the west. Hemant believes that since he started preparing the video in collaboration with many sponsors, it will help the production and business along with the upliftment of the rural areas of the country. In a recently published video, the team of Nepal Eighth Wonder has visited Lomanthang and Korla Pass at an altitude of 4,660 meters above sea level in an electric vehicle Ceres 3. Similarly, just 2 years ago, Nepal Eighth Wonder reached the same Lomanthang and Korla border on a Honda Grazia scooter. Such sponsorships have helped in the promotion of many brands.

Kanchan Rai's endless journey of wandering has been going on continuously for 8 years. If someone is planning to travel to a rural area, people turn to the nomad's YouTube channel to find answers to the question of where to go and how to go. In their videos, the nomadic team not only prioritizes the beauty of the destination, but also the hardships of the road and the courage it takes to face them. Because of that, watching the video of nomads, one can understand the way of traveling and the precautions to be taken. "In our videos, we don't travel in a convenient way," said Kanchan, "so the videos we make are relevant to most people."

Because of Hemant and Kanchan, many Naula places in the country have become trekking places today. It is said that the country is far away from big cities and crowds. Even the places that are on the map but never seen are being made destinations by domestic and foreign tourists. According to Kanchan, before the video of the nomadic team, many people had heard about the She-Foksundo Lake in Dolpa, but people were not ready to take the risk of traveling. Even though it is difficult, after the nomads showed that it is possible to travel, people are now longing to travel to She-Foksundo lake. Hemant says that the attraction of the place has increased only after Nepal Eighth Wanderer visited Ruby Valley. In the coming days, Kanchan wants to expand from YouTube to documentaries and short films to promote environment and culture. Similarly, Hemant has the idea of ​​further commercializing YouTube videos for the development of domestic tourism by creating packages from various travel campaigns.

Today, the nomadic group claims that while the youth from all over the country are being attracted to reach the high mountains and lakes by overcoming many difficulties, it is timely for the country to appreciate the struggle and contribution of the youth who make the country famous. They say that despite efforts by groups like Nepal Eighth Wanderer and Ghumante, the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Board have not provided any assistance. "The Tourism Board allocates a budget every year for the development of tourism," said Kanchan, the founder of the nomadic group, "but when young people like us try to cooperate, there is no response." Sadness is felt in this.'

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