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Congress says - 'Betrayed by Maoists'

When I met Oli, I thought that Prachanda would have doubts, but Prachanda will continue to meet Oli: Sher Bahadur Deuba, Congress President

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The Congress has concluded that the Maoists unilaterally broke the alliance and betrayed them. After the official decision to form a new equation between the Maoists and the UML, Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba said in a meeting of party officials and ex-officers called at his residence that he was 'suddenly betrayed by the Maoists'.

Congress says - 'Betrayed by Maoists'

The Congress has also drawn a conclusion which is only to show the arguments being raised by the Maoists as the reason for breaking the alliance. "Maoists have been saying that the alliance with the Congress has been broken by showing issues such as when the work is being done with the intention of breaking the alliance, it is only for show," party spokesperson Prakasharan Mahat, who is also the outgoing finance minister, said, "The main thing is communist unity and the goal of having the prime minister for five years."

He estimated that external forces may also have an influence on the new power equation. "From the Koshi case to the General Committee meeting, we have been trying not to give any reason to speak out. Regardless of whether these things are done or not, the Maoists are mentally prepared to go into alliance with the UML. What they are arguing is just to show," Mahat said, "now we sit in the opposition. There is no question of returning to the alliance immediately or for that.'

Deuba had informed officials and former officials about the dialogue and alliance with the Maoists. He said that for the ease of the Prime Minister, he refused to change the ministers even when he tried to give the Speaker of the National Assembly. Deuba said that Maoists betrayed Congress' desire to continue the alliance for the remaining four years.

Even though UML President KP Sharma Oli proposed for an alliance with Congress, Deuba also said in the meeting that he did not agree that 'Prime Minister should not do anything suspicious'. "When I met Oli, I thought that Prachanda would be suspicious, but Prachanda will continue to meet Oli," said an official, quoting Deuba's statement. The Congress has convened a meeting of the Central Performance Committee on Tuesday to discuss the breakdown of the alliance and the formation of a new power equation.

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