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The decision of the UML parliamentary party to demand an answer to the controversial work of the Lumbini government

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The meeting of the CPN-UML parliamentary party has decided to demand an answer to the controversial actions and decisions of the government.

The decision of the UML parliamentary party to demand an answer to the controversial work of the Lumbini government

The meeting held on Friday in Bhalubang, Dang, drew the attention of the government and requested for the second time to implement the previous agreements. UML chief whip Tulsi Prasad Choudhary informed that while drawing attention to the controversial decisions and work of the government, the meeting also decided to demand information about the fourth International Laureates and Leaders Summit for Children, Development and Peace to be held in Lumbini. According to him, in the meeting, the parliamentarians emphasized that the present government has shown indifference in the implementation of the agreement reached with the main opposition parties, from budget allocation and implementation, and they should demand an answer from the party.

UML's provincial assembly members brought up issues such as the government's working style, budget implementation, leadership of parliamentary committees and foreign tours in the meeting.

The party leader Leela Giri instructed the members to raise the issue in a systematic and factual manner in the state assembly meeting that started on Friday, to play an effective role in the house, and to present their views in a focused manner.

Chief Whip Choudhary said that when the main opposition parties are giving creative support, cooperation and showing integrity, the government is moving ahead in an arbitrary and controversial manner, and if it does not give a satisfactory answer, it can take a decision to block the state assembly meeting.

The first meeting of the third session of the Lumbini State Assembly was adjourned on Friday after sitting for 5 minutes and 17 seconds. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is scheduled to address the meeting on Saturday.

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