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18 applications to become Vice-Chancellor of Eastern University

Postponement of selection and recommendation process of Vice Chancellor of Middle West and Far West

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18 people have applied to become the vice chancellor of Purvanchal University. The Vice-Chancellor Selection and Recommendation Committee formed under the coordination of Education Minister Ashokumar Rai requested the application. During that time, 18 people applied to the committee.

18 applications to become Vice-Chancellor of Eastern University

According to the committee, Toynarayan Paudel, Shubnarayan Pathak, Anil Kumar Pokhrel, Jeevan Kumar Dhakal, Ashok Kumar Jha, Guruprasad Khanal, Pramod Prasad Jha, Bijukumar Thapalia, Binod Parajuli and Devi Prasad Bhattarai have applied for the vice chancellorship.

Similarly, Rajnarayan Yadav, Narendra Katuwal, Umesh Koirala, Sanjesh Prasad Koirala, Rajkumar Pokhrel, Ramesh Bahadur Thapa, Ramesh Prasad Bhattarai and Maheshraj Dahal have also applied for the post of Vice Chancellor. Applications were requested from professors who are interested in becoming the vice-chancellor of Purvanchal University before February 8. The

committee has Education Secretary Suresh Adhikari and National Planning Commission member Rameshchandra Paudel as members. The committee requested an application along with procedures to select and appoint the vice-chancellor on the basis of open competition.

The system of selecting and appointing vice-chancellors on the basis of competition was started by requesting applications from professors in Eastern, Midwestern and Far Western universities including Tribhuvan University. But the committee formed for Midwest and Sudurpaschim University said The process of selecting and appointing the vice-chancellor has been postponed.

According to the committee, the process was postponed on the instructions of the Prime Minister and Chancellor Pushpa Kamal Dahal after the pressure of the professors. In the University and Purvanchal, more points were kept towards research to become vice-chancellors. A member of the committee said that the process was stopped after the professors themselves objected.

In the Middle West and Far West, a committee has been formed consisting of Devraj Adhikari, Chairman of the University Grants Commission, Education Secretary Adhikari and Poudel, a member of the Planning Commission. In these universities, the process of new appointment was started before the term of the Vice-Chancellor was over. The term of vice-chancellors Ammaraj Joshi and Yadavraj Koirala in Far West, Purvanchal is ending from the third week of February. The tenure of Nanda Bahadur Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Midwest is also ending on February 18.

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