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Sanjeev Thapa's book 'Red Cross Abhiyan Ek, Seva Anek' published


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The book 'Red Cross Abhiyan Ek, Seva Anek' written by the former president of Nepal Red Cross Society, Sanjeev Thapa, has been released. ' Launched.

Sanjeev Thapa's book 'Red Cross Abhiyan Ek, Seva Anek' published

Having worked as the president of Red Cross for three terms, he has written a book of 326 pages in 11 different chapters, collecting the list of work done during that period. . In the book

, information has been given about the work of the three parts of the Red Cross, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

as well as the context of the establishment of Nepal Red Cross and the obstacles it had to face until now have been analyzed accurately in the book. Introduction of the International Red Cross and Nepal Red Cross, my entry into the Red Cross and the efforts made during my tenure in various positions, the efforts made during the three terms of the presidency, the programs conducted and their achievements, the golden jubilee of Nepal Red Cross, the work and achievements accomplished by the Red Cross, the relationship between the Red Cross and the Government, the steps to be taken by the Red Cross in the future. , service donation and warehouse construction, social service changing trends and Red Cross laws under the heading In chapter Thapa has recorded his experience in a book.

On that occasion, Leader Nidhi said that Nepal Red Cross should be operated according to the principles of Red Cross such as humanity, fairness, neutrality, independence, volunteerism, unity and universality. He said, 'Nepal Red Cross is a playground of political disputes and its work will not be interfered with. Politics, beliefs and ideas should not be viewed as Red Cross. Its main goal of providing humanitarian services and the benefit of the distressed community during disasters is not made a subject of controversy from anywhere.'

Another leader, Rizal, said that the work of destroying the established high national and international image of the Red Cross, which serves humanity and human beings, cannot be done from a corner.

Senior journalist Purushottam Dahal commented that it is necessary to raise an organized voice against both the trend of trying to trap a sacred organization like the Red Cross in the partisan quagmire and trying to partisanize it.

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