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Sujana indulges in skin care

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Dr. Sujana Fubu has been very active in the study of medicinal herbs and their use in human life for over a decade. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, USA, she has been involved in the production of various herbal ingredients for skin care for a decade.

Sujana indulges in skin care

In Fubu, this kind of thinking was born while studying and researching about skin problems seen in the human body along with studying herbs in the country and abroad. He was drawn towards this after seeing that there was no active research on skin care in the country.

'After returning to Nepal in June 2013, we started studying and researching the possibilities and challenges of skin care using the herbs found here,' 43-year-old Fubu said, 'After extensive study and research, we proceeded with the production of various materials for skin care.' She said that the production started with cream, oil and other ingredients. And, that product was named 'Syahar'.

'We took permission for the production only after getting the manufactured materials tested by a recognized organization,' she said, 'We started selling the manufactured materials from Dhulikhel Hospital.' She said that the products will be given. Apart from that, feedback is also taken about those products.

Everyone's skin is not the same, skin problems are also different from person to person. One product may not be appropriate for everyone,' she said, 'If the skin problem does not improve after using the product, the product is taken back and re-checked and given another one.' After the demand for care materials increased in a short time, the team led by Fubu increased the production. In addition to that, they also started selling and distributing the manufactured products in hospital pharmacies.

In the meantime, Fubu continued research by connecting beauty with skin treatment. They planned to expand the research and production that was initially started in the hospital laboratory. "In the beginning, only creams and soaps were produced," said Fubu, "later, by expanding the research, they began to produce facial washes, serums, sun blocks, oils, etc., suitable for people of all age groups." Softening lotions and creams have been produced. According to him, the customers preferred the skin treatment and beauty products only after a long period of study and research. Kalpana Thapa of Banepa is one of them. "I believe because the hospital produced it," said Thapa. Assistant Administrator Sachin Makju said. According to him, in July 2020, "Syahar" was registered as a non-profit organization and a trademark was taken. Dhulikhel Hospital not only for the treatment of patients but also prioritizes physical beauty, the spokesperson of the hospital, Dr. Sumanraj Tamrakar says. According to him, 'Syahar', which is currently a sister institution of Dhulikhel Hospital, is producing materials according to skin type and season from indigenous raw materials.

Dhulikhel Hospital has been producing skin care products as a research and development plan for skin care and treatment since 2015. He says that its main goal is to provide cosmetic products of international quality at affordable prices to the hospital's customers. The price of those materials ranges from one and a half hundred to five thousand. Anti-aging and moisturizer products are more preferred in the market, he said.

According to Tamrakar, the outridge center of the hospital in Kavre's Panchkhaal Sands has been developed as a production area to produce the necessary raw materials locally to continue the production and distribution. "Production work has been carried out from the sand of Panchkhaal for eight months," he said, "now 50 types of skin care products of 8 categories of Syahar are produced." In addition, Syahar prioritizes the use of eco-friendly bags. The product is delivered to the customer in cloth and paper bags. Local women have been given the responsibility after being trained to produce such bags. Makaju informed that 1000 paper bags produced in collaboration with Syahar and Dhulikhel's 'Women's Group' will be purchased in two months and 500 cloth bags in three months.

In order to maintain environmental balance, Syahar has been providing its products in glass bottles. According to Makazu, glass bottles are used with the concept of environmental balance as well as making them reusable. "A 5 percent discount has also been arranged for the customers who bring back empty glass bottles after using the material," he said.

Syahar has categorized products according to skin type and season, and offers discounts on any festival or special occasion. Makaju said that with the increase in demand, care products have been sold in 7 different locations across the country and there are plans to expand more in the future. Similarly, Syahar has also signed an agreement with Namobuddha Municipality for the purchase of raw materials produced in an area of ​​400 ropanis and with Panchkhaal Municipality for 200 ropanis.

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