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With the change of power, the social media was filled with memes and memes


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On Monday morning, after the alliance of Nepali Congress, Maoist Center, CPN United Socialist Party and others suddenly collapsed and a new equation was formed, the social networks were filled with many memes, jokes, satires and scandalous contents of the political scenario throughout the day.

With the change of power, the social media was filled with memes and memes

'Shraddha Khan went to Puri, the slippers were missing when he returned'

A social media user satirized the fact that Madhav Kumar Nepal, a prominent figure in the power coalition, was not included in the formation of the new government. And old speeches, expressions and dances made by the political line were cast in the current context and mocked.

Rocks An X-user named Pokharel satirized the situation of Prachanda firing the Nepali Congress minister by posting a video of Krishna saying to Arjun, "I already told you, nothing is permanent here" in the Indian teleserye 'Mahabharat'.

Likewise, a parody account called KP Sharma Koli posted a picture of UML President Oli and Prime Minister Dahal Southee killing, and mentioned the lines of the song of singer Udit Narayan Jha's song 'Kahile Tohi Pachaurimi Aljhein'. Users have also made fun of Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba's expression 'Dhokebaaz Hoha' with singer Elina Chauhan's song 'Dhokebaaz Hau Tu'.

Deuba has posted a parody video of Deuba being sad and dancing with Sharmila Gurung's folk song 'Antai Maya Laichou Re Mayalu...'.

In addition, users have also made fun of Ravi Lamichhane, President of RSWP, through a Facebook post on October 27, telling the old parties to "get together to form the government and handle the opposition". Some have also questioned Lamichhane, who is rumored to be preparing to go to the government, and his cooperative problem. Along with this, the outgoing Labor Minister Sharatsingh Bhandari went to Dubai to participate in the job fair as a minister and when he returned he was unemployed.

Dahal and Oli, who came to participate in their scheduled program with the announcement of the new equation, were presented by some users in Juhari style by emphasizing the previous and Monday statements. As soon as the political scenario changed, the stock market also became a means of fun for some people.

Ramesh Koirala, a senior surgeon at Gangalal Hospital, tweeted that after the change of cabinet, 'any health minister who participates in one anniversary of the hospital will not participate again'.

Similarly, after the death of two youths in the Balkumari incident, MP Dr. Tosima Karki has also been asked sarcastically saying that he does not want to join the government under the leadership of Dahal. A user named Is on X has posted a meme of JSP leader Upendra Yadav choosing between the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs or Health .

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