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Veergunj is chaotic because the roads are not widened

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As part of the commercial route expansion project introduced by the government in 2006, the main roads connected to the border crossings of Biratnagar, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj and other cities have been widened. The main road of Birgunj (Tribhuvan Highway) was also included in the plan. But even after 11 years, the road of Birgunj has not been expanded. Madhesh's only metropolitan city has become chaotic due to increasing population and traffic.

Veergunj is chaotic because the roads are not widened

Due to the undecided whether the road will be expanded or not, the house owners on the right and left sides of the road have not done painting and maintenance of their houses for a long time. Even during the festival, the houses along the Tribhuvan highway have stopped being colorful, making the city look ugly. Problems have also appeared in traffic management.

According to the government's decision to expand the commercial route, the road department had issued the first notice on August 15, 2015 and asked to demolish the houses located in the road area. Then 15 days notice was issued on 069 February 11, 29, 071 February 2 and 073 January 18. A 15-day notice was issued for the commercial road expansion project, which has the Road Division Office Hetaunda and Pathalaiya Office. At the same time, the technicians of the project also measured 25/25 meters from the middle part of the road.

Dhardhani has been protesting saying that he has a red portion of land, that he cannot get the house for free, that he has passed the house map from the municipality, and that he has filed taxes. They have been demanding to acquire land only by distributing compensation. Forming Birgunj Bachau Sangharsh Committee itself, they have filed a case in the Supreme Court. According to Arvind Gupta of Sangharsh Samiti, the same way the government acquires the land of people in other places, compensation should also be distributed to the house owners who have houses on the right and left side of the main road of Birgunj.

"Some houses in Main Road are mortgaged in the bank," Gupta said, "Tiro has been paid according to the law, the map has been passed." Rather than demolishing the old settlement of Birganj, he emphasized that it should be declared a "build area" and brought to the standards of urban roads. "The government manages the squatters," he said, "but when the main road collapses, about 1,500 house owners become homeless. How will the government manage them without giving them proper compensation?"

076 On October 7, local Laxman Sah Rauniyar and others registered a writ in the Supreme Court against the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Office, Sindharbar, Road Division Office, Hetaunda, Commercial Road Expansion Project Office, and District Administration Office, Parsa.

Before that, Vikram Gurung filed a case against 10 government offices, including the office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, on 075 November 11. Rajkumari Devi Tulsyan on 21 December 076, Birendra Kumar Sanghai on 17 October 076 and Bharat Prasad Rauniyar on 27 January also filed a case demanding the deportation order. The case that started five years ago has not been resolved yet. On October 22, the Supreme Court decided the case. But there was no hearing on the 18th Paci either, the case was kept in non-trial.

In the 19th petition on February 22, the 10th bench of the Supreme Court ordered to withdraw the decision of the Council of Ministers, according to the law branch of Birganj Metropolitan City. The Supreme Court has fixed the next payment on June 27. The opposition lawyers submitted a copy of the decision of the Council of Ministers stating that the then Council of Ministers had declared the Sirsia dry port-Pathalaiya road section along with Raxaul-Pathalaiya as Tribhuvan Rajpath. The joint bench of Justices Kumar Chudal and Til Prasad Shrestha had ordered to withdraw the decision of the Council of Ministers.

The Road Division Office, Hetaunda has said that it will proceed as per the order of the Supreme Court. A technician in the office said that there is a problem because the payment is being paid but there is no hearing. The road division office has been saying that the claim for compensation for the structure built by mixing the road land under the highway is not justified. According to the office, it has been mentioned in the gazette published in 2021 that the width of the highway will be 25/25 yards from the middle of the road. After that, the road law that came in 031 has been amended and it is mentioned that the width of the highway will be 25/25 meters from the middle part.

Mayor Rajeshman Singh of Birgunj Metropolitan City said that the Supreme Court should resolve this issue soon. "The court has been indecisive for a long time," he said.

Mayor Singh says that it is a sad matter that only about 5 kilometers of road from Gandak Chowk to Miteri Bridge could not be extended. "The Tribhuvan Rajpath, which is the main part of Birgunj, is narrow, and the city has become unstable due to the increasing population and traffic," said Mayor Singh.

Mayor Singh said that most of the house owners have stopped paying the property tax since the road department issued the notice to widen the road. He said that despite the widening of the main roads of other cities connected to the Indian border, it is sad for the people of the city that the roads of Birganj are not widened due to various reasons.

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