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UML-Maoist misleading public opinion in Madhesh, Chief Minister's bottom line

The Chief Minister ends the session of the Provincial Assembly, leaders in Kathmandu for discussion
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The Janmat Party, which has become decisive in forming the government in Madhesh province, has taken the bottom line of the Chief Minister. He wants to form a government in Madhesh under the leadership of the Janmat Party in an alliance with the UML-Maoist alliance.

UML-Maoist misleading public opinion in Madhesh, Chief Minister's bottom line

Sanjay Yadav, Chief Whip of Janmat Party Madhesh Province, said that discussions are being held with the Central Power Alliance for the formation of a new government in Madhesh Province. He expressed hope that since the Chief Minister is the bottom line of public opinion, the power partner parties will agree to it. "Discussions are going on among the top leaders in the Sangh to form a new government in Madhesh," Janmat Party Chief Whip Yadav told Kantipur, "There is a possibility that a clear picture will come out by Tuesday evening." , Maoist, Janmaat and LOSPA-focused leaders from Madhesh province are heading to Kathmandu. LOSPA party deputy leader Upendra Mahato said that he was going to Kathmandu via Sindhuli road. We can also go to the alternative. However, it will be a difficult situation for us to form a government sitting in a Congress alliance with JSP,'' said Yadav, chief whip of the Janamat Party.

Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav stopped the meeting of the state assembly called for Wednesday and recommended the end of the current session itself. On the recommendation of Chief Minister Yadav, Provincial Chief Minister Sumitra Subedi Bhandari has ended the ongoing second session of the Provincial Assembly from 12 pm on Monday. "On Tuesday morning, an SMS came that the session was terminated," said Yadav, chief whip of the Janamat Party. We suspect that they are trying to bring the budget through an ordinance.

After the UML-Maoist left the government, the Jaspa-led government fell into a minority in Madhesh, but the four parties held all-day talks on Monday to form a new government, but no agreement was reached. UML, Maoists, Janmat and LOSPA have reached an agreement to form a new government in Madhesh province. Congress and Jaspa have tried to prevent public opinion and LOSPA from going to the UML-Maoist equation.

In Madhesh, the struggle between the two parties for the consolidation of power has intensified. If there is power sharing between UML, Maoist, Janmaat and LOSPA, the majority will be enough to form the government. UML's 25, Maoist's 9, Janmat's 13 and LOSPA's 8 will reach 55 MPs. There are 107 MPs in Madhesh province. Attempts are also being made to form another power alliance with Congress, JSP and CPN(S) pulling public opinion and LOSPA. If this happens, there will be 68 MPs, including 22 of Congress, 19 of JSP, 13 of Janmat, 8 of LOSPA and 6 of CPN(S). RPP, Civil Liberties Party and Rizwan Ansari's Federal Samajwadi Party, which have one seat each in Madhesh, are silent on the stake of power change.

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