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Let's present a practical project, not a 'wish list': Prime Minister


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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the private sector should be taken into confidence and a message should be conveyed that the country has an investment-friendly environment. Addressing the meeting held today at the Investment Board office in Naya Waneshwar, Prime Minister Dahal said that for development and prosperity, the private sector should be facilitated rather than controlled.

Let's present a practical project, not a 'wish list': Prime Minister

"A new model of development will be prepared by taking the private sector into confidence," Prime Minister Dahal said, "There will be no development unless the private sector is taken into confidence, so let's not control the private sector, but facilitate it."

Stating that the idea of ​​controlling development is not acceptable in today's world, he instructed to go for it as the people's wishes can be addressed only by adopting a policy to encourage development. Stating that everyone should work in a positive spirit to make the investment conference a success, Prime Minister Dahal said that instead of presenting a 'wish list' at the investment conference, concrete and practical projects should be presented.

'In the investment conference, let's present a concrete and practical project, not a 'wish list',' Prime Minister Dahal said, 'Before the conference, we have amended the law, it will help increase investment, so we should give concrete and practical plans, let's hold the conference in a way that conveys a new message. '

Stating that the work of the development project should be simplified, Prime Minister Dahal said that political leadership should be able to break such situations even if there are difficulties when trying to do something good. Stating that priority should be given to steel industry in Nepal, Prime Minister Dahal emphasized that we should work seriously for the establishment of such industries. He gave directions to give priority to irrigation to create employment in agriculture and to proceed if the development work is stopped.

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