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UML meeting: Improvement of working style, criteria in distribution of membership and suggestion to raise issues of public interest


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In the CPN-UML Central Committee meeting, the discussion in nine groups has been completed on proposals related to purification and strengthening, the challenge of understanding and implementing the essence of the people-based workers' party, organization and public operations.

UML meeting: Improvement of working style, criteria in distribution of membership and suggestion to raise issues of public interest

On these proposals, the central members have suggested that in order to strengthen the party, the lifestyle of leaders and workers should be improved, factionalism should be ended, certain qualifications should be considered in the distribution of membership, and the government should create issues on working style, high cost, unemployment, migration of young people, etc. According to the UML Publicity Department, the summary of the group discussion will be presented at the meeting on Thursday.

UML has suggested that initiatives should be taken to address issues of public concern including the growing despair and social chaos in the society. On Thursday, the team leaders of the nine groups will present the summary of the group's suggestions at the meeting.

It was accepted that the national and party problems presented in the Central Committee could not be solved properly. In the proposal, it was mentioned that the decisions taken in the past to face the problems in the country and the challenges within the party could not be implemented. In the central committee which started on Tuesday, senior vice president Ishwar Pokharel and vice president Bishnu Poudel distributed the written proposal for discussion in the meeting, the main problems were the inability to implement the party's decision, the formation of factions, and the increasing chaos among the leaders and workers.

Senior Vice President Ishwar Pokharel has mentioned in the proposal related to 'purification and strengthening' of the party that the party's work could not be conducted effectively and the public's trust could not be instilled.

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