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Plants were planted in the Ratnapark garden


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On Wednesday, 200 flowers and plants were planted in the walled garden of Ratnapark. The Park and Greenery Promotion Project has started testing wall gardens using two walls of Ratnapark, Akashepul.

Plants were planted in the Ratnapark garden

Project leader Navraj Thapa, Metropolitan Police Force Chief Rajunath Pandey, along with employees of the Environment Management Department participated and planted flowers and plants. According to Thapa, head of the

project, begum bellies and healthy flowers (Veresta) have been planted in the flowers. Beganbelly also has different types of flowering plants like pink, red, white, yellow, orange. Generally: The flower of this species blooms for 4 to 6 months . These plants should be pruned as they grow. It can be made in any shape and form you want.

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