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1 lakh mother language service award to Kavi Shrestha


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The National Upliftment Foundation of Tribal Tribes has awarded this year's 'Mother Language National Service Award' to Nepalese poet Durgalal Shrestha.

1 lakh mother language service award to Kavi Shrestha

On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, Federal Affairs and General Administration Minister Anita Devi and Vice President Gokul Prasad Gharti presented the award to Kavi Shrestha in a ceremony held in Lalitpur on Wednesday. The prize money is 1 lakh rupees. Kavi Shrestha could not attend the honor ceremony due to ill health. His son Suman Shrestha was handed over the award and certificate.

Kavi Shrestha said through a video message that he is a Newar who was born and brought up in the soil of Kathmandu and has been engaged in literature in his mother tongue since the age of 14. "From 14 years to 88 years, I have been devoted to my mother tongue and literature, I have become a cultural soldier," he said, mentioning that he wants to be seen as a cultural soldier, "I am very grateful for the respect. In the latter part of my life, I fell under the unimaginable spell of illness, so I could not come to the glorious ceremony. Sorry .'

award selection committee coordinator culture expert Chunda Bajracharya said Janakavi Shrestha has 16 plays, one-act plays, children's poetry, song anthology in Nepali language. Likewise, there are 9 and 7 translation works in Nepali language.

artist Madankrishna Shrestha composed the song 'Say thari baja erde taal, sai thari goda erde chala', singer Ani Chhoeing Dolma's song 'Phoolo angma phoolai samsar' sung by Shrestha.

9-year-old Kharumi Rai reciting poetry in Bantava mother tongue. Photo: At the Kantipur

ceremony, poets of 14 languages ​​recited poems in their mother tongue. Dev Bahadur Dura in Dura language, Manjit Rai in Wambule language, Pashupati Kumal in Kumal, Junu Tharu in Dagaura Tharu, Hiramati Rana Sinjali in Magar Dhoot, Ranbir Sunuwar in Sunuwar, Magar Gopal Pun Magar recited.

Similarly, 9-year-old Kharumi Rai recited a poem in Bantava language. Bikes Thami in Thami language, Praveen Yamfu in Yamfu, Chhila Rai, Arjun Khaling Rai in Khaling, Vimala Gurung in Tamu, Kumari Sarana Urao in Urao recited .

On that occasion, Chairman of Tribal Tribes Commission Ram Bahadur Thapamar, Chairman of Tharu Commission Bishnu Prasad Chaudhary, Member of National Assembly Suresh Alemgar and others expressed their best wishes.

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