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Career council program will be conducted in public schools

Visa facilitation for foreign students and monthly salary for teachers

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The government is going to conduct a career counseling program for students studying in public schools. President Ramchandra Paudel announced that the career counseling program will be conducted while presenting the policy and program at the joint meeting of the Parliament on Tuesday.

Career council program will be conducted in public schools

In the policy and program, it is mentioned that foreign students coming to study in Nepal will be facilitated in visas, and monthly salary facilities will be provided to community school teachers. These are new programs . The administrators of universities and educational institutions have been complaining that there is a problem in obtaining visas for students coming to study in Nepal. It has been announced that the salary that the teachers get on a quarterly basis will be provided on a monthly basis. Some local levels have been providing wages on a monthly basis .

President Paudel said that he will ensure that all children get basic education within 5 years. More than 300,000 school-level students are out of school. Despite being enrolled, there is still a tendency to leave the class in the middle . It is mentioned in the policy and program that alternative and non-formal education will be provided to students who are out of school .

It is said that arrangements will be made to transfer knowledge and skills to school-level children from senior citizens. One local level one smart school program mentioned in last year's policy and program has been continued this year as well. President Paudel said that the lunch program which is being distributed free up to class 5 will be modified. "Nutritious fresh lunch will be served using local products," he said. There is a complaint that junk food is used for lunch.

It has been announced that the underprivileged targeted scholarship will be extended up to class 12 . It is said that by changing the format of the curriculum, the program of learning from friends will be conducted. It is mentioned in the policy and program to arrange the research conducted by the public body and arranged by the university.

Although the program has been repeated in the policy and program, it has not been implemented. A policy has been put forward to encourage the local level to conduct technical programs at the school level. He said that a program will be conducted to assign interns to students studying at the university to fill the shortage of teachers in mathematics and English science subjects in public schools.

It is said that the law that prohibits teachers and employees from being members of political parties will be fully implemented. Education Minister Sumana Shrestha has been instructing teachers to give up political party membership.

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