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Oli asked for the president's answer about the decision to print the Chukchi map on the 100 note


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UML President KP Sharma Oli has demanded an answer from President Ramchandra Paudel saying that the expert advisor has expressed against the decision to print Chuchch map of Nepal on Rs 100 note.

Oli asked for the president's answer about the decision to print the Chukchi map on the 100 note

Pointing to the reaction given by President's adviser Chiranjeevi Nepal in various media about the decision to print maps on notes, President Oli instructed the MPs to counter this in the meeting of the party's parliamentary party.

'Nepal is heard to shout another country instead of printing the map of Nepal on the note. Why did you call another country? The expert advisers of the president are excited when they ask why they shouted. Whose people and what kind of people are working there? President Oli said, 'When Nepal printed the map of Nepal A person who makes another country angry can be an adviser to the president? We want to ask him whether this statement of the adviser is from the President.'

President Oli accused that people who are against the national interest of Nepal and have hatred are nesting in the presidential office. "This is so harmful to Nepal". Those who have such hatred in the national spirit What happened to the person nesting in the presidential office ? Hear from the President's statement. This is not a simple matter . The President's advisor is the voice of the President that We want to ask .'

Oli made it clear that UML has taken the President's advisor's statement seriously and will demand an answer. Is it not a joke if the expert advisor of the President jumps? Can such people be kept? We raise this question seriously in the Parliament . Will the Prime Minister answer or will the President himself answer ?,' Oli said, 'or send the adviser to where he belongs ? What do you do ?'

Oli's statement was that the Nepal government issued a map including the lost territory and made it a part of the constitution and put it into use. He said that the map must be printed in Nepalese rupees and coins.

Oli said that the expression from the President's residence is worrying because the map of Nepal will be printed in Nepali Rupees. "The map of Nepal will be placed on Nepali notes and will be printed rather than the President's residence". What presidential residence? What advisors? What happened to this country? And we have looked at it from a Nepalese perspective,' Oli said, 'People who are so harmful to Nepal, who have so much inferiority or hatred in the national spirit, will do good in the presidential residence ? The office of the head of the nation is like a nest of snakes.'

It was Oli's suggestion that the President should pay attention to this matter and be serious. He said, 'We will search for solutions on this issue. What does the President say? Have you kept it or will you defend it again? Is that what the president said? The expert adviser of the President is kept there to speak the voice of the President, is it the voice of the President or not?, Oli asked.

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