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There is no program to provide sustainable employment, continuation of the old in the labor sector

6 billion rupees for the Prime Minister's Employment Program, with a target of providing minimum employment to 2 lakh
Under the program, only 21,000 people got an average of 72 days of employment till Baisakh of the current year
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The government has continued the old program instead of the new program to provide sustainable employment targeted at the labor market for the next fiscal year. Finance Minister Barshman Pun, in the budget for the next fiscal year presented to the Parliament on Tuesday, has continued the old program of increasing the productivity of the human resources in the internal labor market, making them skilled and improving the labor market.

There is no program to provide sustainable employment, continuation of the old in the labor sector

In the budget, a budget of 8 billion 10 crores has been allocated for the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security. Finance Minister Pun has continued the Prime Minister's Employment Program in the upcoming budget. This program has been started since 2075 to provide minimum employment for 100 days. In the coming year also, as in the current budget, the target of providing minimum employment to two lakhs has been set . 6 billion rupees have been allocated for the next year for the program conducted with the loan support of the World Bank. 6 billion was allocated in the current budget.

Data collection, identification and listing of the unemployed, job creation and placement through coordination and cooperation with employers, facilitation and counseling of those who go to foreign employment and reintegration of those who have returned from foreign employment have been continued with this program. 18 billion 73 crores have been spent for the program till last year . The Auditor General's Office has questioned the effectiveness of the program.

According to the Auditor General's report-2081, it seems that only 712,000 of the 4,400,000 workers registered under the program in the last 5 years participated in the minimum employment . According to the General Account, the program does not seem to be able to employ a large part of the listed workers . Out of the 885,000 people registered for the program in the current year, only 21,000 people have been employed for an average of 72 days by the end of Baisakh.

The government has not been able to bring another big employment program. The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security did not bring an effective program to enable the workers working in the internal labor market to practice fair and dignified labor . The establishment of employment bank, which has been active since the past, has been kept in the budget this year as well . The call center which is being operated by the Ministry of Labor has been given the name of ``Shramadhan Program'' by ``branding''.

It is mentioned in the budget that registration of undocumented workers in the destination country will be conducted as a campaign to secure and manage foreign employment. It is said that workers going to foreign employment will be made skilled. Orientation training before going to foreign employment will be gradually made free of charge. However, the budget for this has not been announced. The government has announced that at least one lakh returnees will become self-employed by conducting a returnee entrepreneurship program to promote entrepreneurship through the knowledge, skills and capital of those who have returned from foreign employment. "Unsecured loans will be provided based on the assurance of sending remittances to bank accounts to those who have obtained a work permit to go to foreign employment", Finance Minister Pun said .

The training institute will be developed as an international level multi-purpose training center to provide employable professional skills with residential facilities to the trainees, Finance Minister Pun said that 430 million has been allocated to provide skill-based training to at least one thousand youth in each province. The government has announced that at least 100,000 youths will be guaranteed employment by providing job training in industry, business, agriculture and animal farm, hotel, tourism, construction sector etc. in cooperation with various public agencies and private sector. 3 billion rupees have been allocated for this program.

Similarly, 20 million rupees have been set aside to create jobs and conduct livelihood programs by modernizing the skills, knowledge, and professions of the Dalit community. The goal is to create 5 lakh direct and 1 million indirect jobs in the information technology sector in 10 years.

How many job creation targets in which area?

  • 6 billion for a minimum of 100 days of employment for 200,000 people
  • Goal of creating 500,000 direct and 1000,000 indirect jobs in the information sector within 10 years 3 billion rupees to ensure employment for one lakh youth
  • 43 crores for skill training for 7 thousand people
  • Free orientation training for those going to work abroad
  • One lakh returnees will be made self-employed

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