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Pilot of Prabhu Helicopters banned from flying


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The Civil Aviation Authority has banned Captain Pasang Sherpa of Prabhu Helicopters from flying until further notice.

Pilot of Prabhu Helicopters banned from flying

Co-spokesperson of the authority, Gyanendra Bhul, informed that Captain Sherpa was decided to be banned from flying after the incident of unauthorized passengers being allowed to operate the helicopters while flying became public. According to him, the navigation switches on the control panel cannot be operated by unauthorized persons except the pilot, but a female passenger sitting near Captain Sherpa in Prabhu's 23E helicopter was seen operating those switches at the same time, so she was banned from flying.

"In the video published on Tiktok, the indigestible scenes of the pilot teaching female passengers can be seen," Co-spokesperson Bhul said, "The authority is taking such an incident seriously and is investigating it."

In the public video, the captain is seen in costume. The authority said that the video was uploaded on Tiktok named Sapna Bhusal.

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