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The instructions of the Home Minister to provide permanent accommodation to the earthquake victims before the rains


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Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane has instructed the subordinate agencies to arrange permanent accommodation for the earthquake victims of Jajarkot, Rukum and other districts before the rains.

The instructions of the Home Minister to provide permanent accommodation to the earthquake victims before the rains

Addressing the 21st meeting of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Executive Committee on Monday, he also requested the relevant ministries to work cooperatively so that the rights of the earthquake victims are not curtailed.

Deputy Prime Minister Lamichhane appealed to the inter-ministerial government to cooperate in order to complete the construction of permanent housing for the victims. Lamichhane alerted the concerned parties to work to ensure that earthquake victims do not suffer from procedural confusion and legal complications. Deputy Prime Minister Lamichhane also said that the government is serious about ensuring that the earthquake victims' right to live in their homes is not violated.

There are complaints that our decision-making process is a bit long. How can we reduce the unnatural delay in making these decisions as time changes? How can it be minimized? It is also important to practice,' said Lamichhane, 'this does not mean that the situation of making decisions with immaturity should not be created. The most important issue is the victims of natural disasters in the midst of our procedural confusion and our legal complications when looking at the issue of the recent earthquake.'

Lamichhane said that people's natural rights should not be taken away. "It is their right to stay in their safe accommodation on time." We must be aware that that right should not be narrowed in any way. Therefore, there is a need for a commitment to complete these tasks,' he said, 'At least before the rains, we want and hope that an environment will be created so that they can stay indoors. Accordingly, we need to continue our work . There are various responsibilities under different ministries. I would like to ask him to move forward a bit faster and faster.

Deputy Prime Minister Lamichhane mentioned that the issue of delay in providing relief to the victims is the most common complaint and said that the concerned parties should take care to prevent such a situation from happening.

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