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Congress is saying what it got with anger and pain: President Oli


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CPN-UML President KP Sharma Oli has accused the Nepali Congress of speaking out of anger and pain. Speaker Oli, talking to the media after Sunday's meeting of the House of Representatives at the Federal Parliament Building, said that it was natural for the current session of the Parliament to end.

Congress is saying what it got with anger and pain: President Oli

Oli said that Congress is expressing the pain of leaving the government in the parliament. He also said that the parliamentary system should not be affected. "Congress is saying what it got out of anger and pain, it should not do this". We have to protect the parliamentary system. Norms, values ​​have limits on how to move forward,' he said, 'shouldn't we continue with our old experiences? They don't come to reason, they are stubborn and obstinate. They should correct that way.'

Oli said that the excitement and enthusiasm shown by the Congress in the Parliament. "There is no excitement, excitement in it." The people are not so happy. As much as it has happened to the Congress. This is happening because of the great difficulty of the Congress. We should find a solution under the law in a restrained manner,' he said.

Oli said that it was time to end the current session as the budget session had to be called. "If we don't end the session now, the budget session, policy, program, pre-budget discussion, etc., budget preparation, presentation, preparation discussion of various bills, and this will not be a problem," he said. At this time, the winter session had to be closed and now the budget session has to start . A gap of 15 days must be kept atleast . So the 18th and 20th of Baisakh happened. On June 15th, the budget should be submitted again without any confusion. Before that, policies and programs should be passed.'

President Oli said that the previous government did not pay attention to pass the bill from the House of Representatives. He opined that the present government has not got time to advance the bill.

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