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A science lab for the first time in a remote school

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For the first time, a science laboratory has come into operation in a secondary school located in Chulelgau, Sinja Village, Jumla.

A science lab for the first time in a remote school

Headmaster Jayalal Khatri informed that the laboratory could be put into operation after receiving science materials worth four lakh rupees. According to him, the students studying science were only taking satanic classes due to lack of materials. He said that

can now also be used for practical education. He said, "Teachers will learn the materials that came to the laboratory first. And will teach the students. Along with this, it is thought that science teaching in schools will be effective.'

Students and parents are excited with the operation of the laboratory in Mabi Chulel Gauma, where there are 240 students. The science materials came to the school with the financial support of Plan International Nepal and PACE Nepal and the coordination of Sinja Village. Principal Khatri said that 91 types of science materials have come to the school.

Pace Nepal's Executive Director Kishore Neupane handed over the science materials to the Village President Purna Prasad Dhital, who is also the Chairman of the Education Committee. After handing over the goods to the chairman of the school management committee, Mr. Dhital, the chairman of the village municipality cut the ribbon and announced that the laboratory was operational. President Dhital said that it is hoped that the

laboratory will help in providing quality education, spread a good message in teaching and learning activities and attract students to science subjects. Due to lack of financial resources, the school could not purchase laboratory materials. Science is an experimental subject. 'Science education is incomplete without a laboratory,' said Shankar Dhital, head of the education branch, 'Science materials have arrived. Now by putting it to use, students will get proper benefits. Teaching will be done by giving rewards in science subjects. There are 22 schools in education.

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