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Parliament session convened in Gandaki

Congress protested that the session was convened while the issue of the legitimacy of the government was pending in the Supreme Court

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A meeting of the Gandaki Provincial Assembly has been called while the issue of Chief Minister appointment is pending in the Supreme Court. State Chief Minister Dilliraj Bhatt has called the Parliament session for 3 o'clock on Friday.

Parliament session convened in Gandaki

The cabinet meeting of Gandaki province decided on Tuesday to recommend the governor to postpone the parliament session. According to the spokesperson of the office of the provincial head, Chandi Prasad Aryal, the provincial chief has called a meeting on Wednesday according to clause 1 of Article 183 of the Constitution of Nepal. Gandaki's Congress Parliamentary Party has objected to the meeting being called. Surendraraj Pandey, leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party, issued a statement on Wednesday and mentioned that calling the meeting was an irresponsible step.

"It is another irresponsible step for the Gandaki state government to call a meeting of the provincial assembly with various appointments, ignoring the interim order of the honorable Supreme Court and even the filing of the case, and the provincial chief calling the meeting is another irresponsible step," said the statement, "toward such unconstitutional activities." Expressing serious disagreement, we also make it clear that the related parties will be responsible for the conflict arising in the state assembly.' After that, the UML-Maoist alliance submitted a claim for the appointment of the Chief Minister on party basis without the name and signature of the MP. Accepting the claim made with the support of the speaker, the provincial chief appointed UML parliamentary party leader Khagraj Adhikari as the chief minister on Chait 25.

In the 60-member provincial assembly, the official who submitted the claim with the support of 22 UML, 8 Maoist including Speaker and one independent MP was appointed Chief Minister by Provincial Chief Bhatt as per the provisions of Article 168, Sub-section (2) of the Constitution. On March 26, Pandey filed a petition in the Supreme Court against Chief Minister Bhatt saying that it was unconstitutional to appoint the Chief Minister based on the vote of the Speaker. The Supreme Court has issued an interim order on Chait 28 asking the government not to take any long-term decisions until the case is resolved. Chief Minister Adhikari has summoned the Parliament with the aim of taking the vote of confidence before the Supreme Court has given priority to the case on May 10.

The Congress has objected to the government calling a parliament session to publish a notice on May 9 to take the vote of confidence on May 9. Hari Bahadur Chuman, spokesperson and minister of the Gandaki government, insisted that the court should not be defied as convening the parliament is a regular function of the government. The government will have to take a vote of confidence within 30 days. Taking a vote of confidence by opening the House is also part of the process of the Parliament," he said. "It cannot be interpreted as affecting the regular process in the long term." The chief minister has until April 24 to take the vote of confidence in Gandaki. But officials have intensified political meetings with the intention of taking a vote of confidence before Pacey. He also met Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal in Kathmandu on Wednesday. It is not easy to get a majority until the vote of confidence is taken for the officers.

The then ruling alliance with the Congress included the Maoist Speaker in the formation of the Koshi government nine months ago, causing constitutional and political complications. In a writ filed by Hikmat Kumar Karki, the leader of the UML parliamentary party of Koshi province, stating that the move was against the constitution, the Supreme Court dissolved the then Koshi government led by Chief Minister Uddhav Thapa, establishing the principle that 'a person holding the post of Speaker cannot claim a separate additional or dual role as a member of the Provincial Assembly'. was

In Koshi, the government was formed with the name and signature of the Speaker. At present, the government is formed in Gandaki on the basis of the number of party seats, but the vote of confidence must be signed by the majority of MPs. In that case, the speaker of Gandaki cannot vote.

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